Tadpool life vest from Exxel Outdoors keeps kids safe while learning to swim

Sponsored post basic disclosureMy daughter is a water baby. Ever since she was really little, I had to be very careful with her around the water because if I looked away for a half a second, she would be up to her neck in water – and that’s when we’re talking the cold Puget Sound water. Tadpool after swimmingFor this reason, we always make sure she’s always with us and in a lifejacket whenever she’s around the water, you just can’t be too careful. But, now that she’s learning to swim, we needed to find a solution that let her move freely while still keeping her safe.

The solution is Tadpool, a new PTPA Seal of Approval winner, that allows kids to learn how to swim in a way that feels natural while still keeping their heads above water. I was so thrilled when the package carrying our princess Tadpool PFD arrived at our door just in time for our family vacation full of water play.

TadPool swim vestWhile my daughter was excited about the princesses, I was most excited about the unique design that would keep her safe and having fun at the pool and beach. Whereas most traditional lifejackets are designed like a vest that can slide up and inhibit movement, the TadPool PFD is more like a wetsuit shirt that zips up the back and has foam floaties and buoyancy built-in. Pool in Lake ChelanNot only does this solve the problem of vests that creep up and keep kids from swimming in a natural way, it also provides SPF 20-50 sun protection for those exposed shoulders as they are swimming.

Retailing at $35, the Tadpool life jacket does cost a bit more than a traditional life vest, it is a few superior product in terms of sun protection and safety, as well as allowing freedom of Ptpa-RGB-300dpi-navbarmovement that encourages new swimmers. If you've got a new swimmer, I would highly recommend the Tadpool from Exxel Outdoors to keep your little one safe from sun and water.

The Tadpool life vest is a new PTPA winner and you can read all about it here. Tadpool vest

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Exxel Outdoors for sending a Tadpool vest to us to check out. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

18 thoughts on “Tadpool life vest from Exxel Outdoors keeps kids safe while learning to swim”

  1. Oh this looks wonderful! We have a pool and Carter swims all the time in a regular life vest. I think this would work so much better for him!

  2. Even though my son is never in the pool without me I would still feel better if he were wearing a life vest such as this when we are playing in the pool.

  3. This would make me less nervous I am always with him but he still trys to get away from me in the pool to be like his older siblings

  4. My 2 year old niece is just getting excited about swimming, and she would love to be able to have a little more freedom in the water.

  5. I am excited to try this vest as our son is just now starting to go in the pool with me and I love the safety of the vest.

  6. This would be perfect for my 2 & 3 year olds who love the water, but can’t swim alone yet. It seems to have a perfect even buoyancy, compared to when using a vest or floaties alone. A traditional vest keeps my children floating in awkward positions, and sometimes they flip over and stay back down! (So their head is facing the sky). Floaties teach them to keep their legs moving, but their heads often go under the water.
    I really need to try this product! And the characters are perfect, my boys love,love, love Spiderman! they will be begging to wear this!


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