What we’re playing with: Wishbone Flip

Remember my post back in 2012 about the Wishbone Flip, the coolest ride on toy, ever? {I'll wait while you check it out here}

Our Flip has gotten so much love in the past two years that it is simply called "sweet ride". As in, "I love my sweet ride," or, "get your sweet ride out of the kitchen, I'm trying to cook dinner." That kind of love.

Seeing as how the life of most baby toys is typically a few minutes, tops, I fully thought he would be done with his sweet ride by now. But, not only is he not anywhere near done with the Wishbone Flip, it's the one toy we rarely make him share because he's almost always riding on it.

Part of what made the Wishbone Flip last so long is that it's been able to grow with him. Not only does it adjust for height so it physically grows with your child, it also can be used in three different ways. First as a great toddler pushing toy, then as a rocking toy, and now as a super fast ride on toy that can be used in just about every game my little guy plays.

This will always be how I remember his childhood:

Wishbone Flip baby

Circa 2011 – Look at him! He's just a teeny tiny baby!

Halloween on Wishbone

Halloween on Wishbone 2
Halloween 2012 – He even rode his sweet ride in his full garden gnome costume.

Wounded soldierAnd, today. Learning advanced riding techniques and making his mama wish she could pause time – just for a little while.

What we're playing with

The Wishbone Flip 3-in-1 Rock, Roll and Stroll Ride-On Toy. Every.single.day.Wishbone flip

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