Wishbone Flip 3-in-1 Rock & Roll Toy

For Christmas, my son got the coolest ride-on toy, ever.  It gets this exclusive title because not only is it a super cool, adorable ride-on, but it’s also an amazing toy that can grow with your child from age 1 to 5.  From one of our favorite brands comes their newest release, the Wishbone Flip 3-in-1 Rock and Roll Toy, and it is fast on track to being one of our favorite picks of the year. 

I thought I had seen pretty much everything in the world of ride-on toys and then the Wishbone Flip went and shook up everything with a design so unique that it expanded the ride-on category entirely.   

Don’t believe me?  Well, check this bad boy out.

Made from sustainable plantation birch with both natural and red contrasting colors with hardware that gives it a fun bug-like appearance, it really is a beautiful piece of art.  Even its design looks like a modern art sculpture with its body shaped like an outline of an upside down bean.  But, it’s the base of the Flip that really gets cool.

The Wishbone Flip starts out as a fun rocker for toddlers with a wide, rocking base and comfortable wooden handle.  As you can imagine, it is amazingly fun for little ones and simply begs to be rocked.

But, then it gets even cooler with just a flip.  By simply turning a little handle on the bottom and flipping the underside completely around {no tools required!}, it becomes a ride-on toy or push toy that glides along on four caster wheels. 

These caster wheels are more than fun; they are a squeal inducing, wheeee! exclaiming good time for little riders.  Because the wheels can glide in any direction, it makes it perfect for little riders who can’t steer as well, allowing them to maneuver in tight areas easily, even backwards while riding it or pushing it.  The older riders will love that you can “spin out” on the corners and really explore the space with a bar to rest their legs.  And, riders of all ages will love that the bean shaped base of the Flip is perfect for storing a special stuffed friend or two. 

Even though the Flip was a present for my 1 year old son, I’m really not sure who loves the Flip more, him or my 3 ½ year old daughter.   Thankfully, they take turns well and have even made up games for the two of them to play while riding, so neither is left out.  You will often find them pushing or pulling each other around, with the rider resting their legs on the rocking base and beaming like the happiest kid in the world.  Since neither of them can push or pull very fast it’s a slow-moving train, but it’s a happy train, and that’s really all that matters. 

Wishbone Flip
In the rare instance that the Wishbone Flip is not being ridden, pushed or rocked around the house, it even looks great sitting at the edge of the fireplace with their favorite stuffed friends waiting patiently for them.  Since I am still holding tight to the idea of not letting my entire house become a playroom, I really love that the Wishbone Flip looks like a bit of whimsical abstract art that just so happens to also be insanely fun for the kiddos. 

Of course, modern design and beautiful sustainable materials are the way to my heart, but it really doesn’t get any better than when that comes in a multi-functional 3-in-1 toy that grows with your kids.  From the first tentative rocks of the toddler to the first steps of a new walker and then to the free-wheeling racing of the preschooler, this is one toy that your kids are not likely to abandon easily. 

Random Rave: My oldest is obsessed with firemen and ambulances ever since they visited her preschool for a field trip and her favorite game on the Wishbone Flip is to play "emergency".  Because the Flip has the great place to store things down below, it makes it the perfect ambulance for her dolls and stuffed friends.  She then added her flashing light to the handle and her doctor's kit {not shown} and, thankfully, she has been able to handle all of our playtime emergencies with ease.


You can find out more at wishbonedesign.com as well as connect with them via Facebook and show them some love!

A big thank you to Wishbone for sending their Flip Bike for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

3 thoughts on “Wishbone Flip 3-in-1 Rock & Roll Toy”

  1. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for the review. I would like to buy the Wishbone Flip (and not its mini version) for my 11 months daughter. She starts to stand up and are getting more and more balance. I was thinking of giving it to her for her birthday in one month but I wonder if the all-direction-wheels aren’t too smooth and a bit dangerous as a walker to help her with her first steps… Is there a brake system helping to get them go slower? My daughter is quite tall, so I think the mini version will get too quickly small.
    Also, we have wood flooring and we live in an apartment. I don’t want to get trouble with the neighbor downstairs. Can you please tell me if the wheels are silent or quite noisy, if you have experienced the flip bike with wood flooring of course.
    Thanks a lot
    (I apologize for my English, I live in France)

    • Sara, thanks for reaching out – we love our Wishbone Flip! There are no brakes on it, but my kids all used it as a walker and never fell over it or accidentally pushed it out from under them. We also have all wood floors and it’s really not that loud. Our main floor is the bottom floor, though, so I’m not sure how it would sound downstairs from it. The wheels were much quieter than the other ride ons we have had, which is why we still can’t bear to get rid of it even 8 years after we got it!

  2. Hi Leanne
    Thanks for your answer. We will probably try the Wishbone Flip then and see how it’ll work with our daughter… and with our neighbor 😉


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