What we’re playing with: Schleich figures

Puppy love

You know how some toys are so beloved that they are returned to over and over again throughout the years? Schleich figures definitely fall into that category. These were one of the first toys we bought for my daughter, purchased so she could play with them on the long plane ride to Europe, and they are one of the few early toys that she still plays with today.

She {or maybe it was we} got so addicted to these little figures that we eventually had a drawer full, and then two drawers full, and now we've got a massive amount of these little guys. Schleich Love

It's not only puppies, we've got everything from barnyard animals to horses to African wildlife – and everything in between. Schleich high five
My daughter adores the mythical creatures and fairies from the Bayala series the best {check out our previous Schleich post to see what kind of love she has for these little figures}, but my son is all about the puppies. Puppy in a bucket Scleich Doggies
This? This is called a Puppy Parade, and it is now part of our family traditions.
Puppy Parade
Puppy Parade 21
And, even us adults have fun with the Schleich figures every now and again. Schleich haircut

Check out the Schleich US website to see even more of their awesome little figures available in the States.
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5 thoughts on “What we’re playing with: Schleich figures”

  1. I didn’t know they made so many types of figures, I only ever seen the barn animals in retail. I will definitely check them out!

  2. Hi! I love this post! Makes me so happy to see kids today playing with the same toys I grew up with! I just wanted to know if your son was interested in these at 2 years old? I would like to start a collection of either the farm animals or the jungle animals for my friends son who is but 2, but maybe I should wait until he’s 3?

    • Karla,

      All of my kids have played with these at a really young age with me present. In fact, my 1yo nephew now plays with them all the time when he’s at our house. My 12, 9, and 5 yo still play with them constantly, so it’s a great gift idea that will last a long time!


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