Spend your tax refund wisely with unlimited talk text and data for less

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Is it just me who is bothered by all those "how to spend your tax refund" ads that are really just frivolous ways to waste your money as soon as you get it? How about actually putting that money back to work for you by investing it in something that will lower your monthly expenditures and hopefully put even more money back in your pocket? Are you curious yet? I'm talking about the lowest priced unlimited plans anywhere.

Most people wouldn’t see a cellphone service as an investment, but when chosen carefully, the right plan can slash your phone costs in half or even more. By making a switch to Walmart Family Mobile you don’t have to compromise on anything and can get the hottest phones available paired with the lowest priced unlimited plans anywhere to make the most of your tax return.

Though I’m a huge saver, even I can justify a one-time expense that ends up lowering my monthly bills on something I need to buy anyway. But, I’m sure you’re wondering just how low of a price you can get through Walmart Family Mobile, and the answer is that it is even cheaper than you think. At $29.88/month for unlimited talk and text or $39.88/month for unlimited talk and text with internet service, it makes it possible to get a great plan at the lowest price anywhere. Family Mobile from Walmart brochure

I recently made a trip to one of my local Walmart stores to check out the plan in person and see what kinds of phones were available under the unlimited plans. I will admit that knowing how cheap the monthly unlimited plans were, I was assuming that there would be huge upfront costs and lots of fine print, but was completely shocked at how affordable {and easy} the startup process really was. Family Mobile Display 2

With a variety of smart phones for under $100 and only a $25 one-time Walmart Family Mobile sim card purchase, you can be into a phone for under $125 and still spend less than $40 per month going forward. This makes it the perfect plan for anyone who needs phone service but doesn’t have thousands to spend each year, and still allows you to have all the luxuries you love like emailing, social media accounts, apps, and more.

Within minutes I had decided on the Walmart Family Mobile Plan Galaxy Exhibit phone that retails for $98.88 by the recommendation of both Walmart reps who agreed it was a great phone for the price. While we waited for them to check to see if they had the phone in stock, the kids amused themselves by checking out all the other Walmart Family Mobile Plan phones available for all types of phone users – from flip phones to Android and Windows based models. Shopping for cellphones at Walmart

Unfortunately the phone I wanted is so popular that it is sold out at many locations, and I ended up leaving empty handed. But, luckily we’re surrounded by Walmart stores and it was as easy as traveling for 10 minutes until we hit the next location.

At the next store I already knew what I needed, so it was only a few minutes and I had my new Galaxy Exhibit, my Walmart Family Mobile Plan sim card, and the Walmart Family Mobile plan details. Next up was the fun part: picking the best accessories to make the most of my investment. Walmart Family Mobile shop

In addition to my new phone, I also grabbed a USB car and wall charger, a screen protector, a cellphone case, a hands-free speakerphone for the car, and a few Google Play gift cards to make buying apps and more as easy as possible.  
Walmart Family Mobile shopping
And, I don’t know about you, but this makes me more excited than blowing my money on something that I don’t really need. The math is really easy:

Family Mobile and Google Play

Since we had the time and I was a little hesitant on where to start the set up process, we had the Walmart employees fully set up the phone for us, which was awesome. The kids spent time playing on the old school phones while we waited, and I got to relax knowing that the phone was going to be activated when we left the store.

Old Skool Phones

It was mere minutes and we went from entering a few contact details into the system Setting up Walmart Family Mobile
And then minutes later until we were test calling each other from the middle of the Walmart electronics department.

Calling on new Walmart Phone
I've been using my new Samsung Galaxy Exhibit for the past few weeks and I like it even better the more I use it and learn all that it can do. Setting up my personal information in the phone was easy since most of my contacts were in my linked Google account and the transition ended up being seamless and pain-free. Of course, the super fast 4G internet is also really nice, but I think my favorite thing is the 5MP camera and the crisp and clear 3.8″ touch screen that makes it great for viewing social media sites and photographs, but still small enough to fit nicely in my pocket. Pocketbook friendly splurges

I'm such a big fan of the Walmart Family Mobile services and the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit that I'm bringing my mom into the store to get one for herself this week. The best part about joining the plan together is that we will save an additional $5 off each line so the whole family can have the latest phones for the best prices. We calculated how much she was going to be able to save by making the switch from her current plan to the Walmart plan and it's a shocking $120 per month. Crazy, right? Just think of all the money we're going to be saving over the life of our plan!

This year, instead of treating ourselves to something that we'll soon forget with our tax return money, I'm putting it into a plan to save my family money. A phone is something I use every single day, something that you can personalize with fun apps and accessories as a treat throughout the year, and it's a great experience to get mother/daughter matching smartphones while saving money together.

Treat yourself by checking out the Walmart Family Mobile plans, services, phones and accessories this tax season. #FamilyMobile has never been more fun or more affordable, and it's a great way to connect with loved ones and enjoy your favorite apps and programs. Get started here or head into a store near you to check it out.
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  1. Your kids are so cute! Love how you got them involved in the shop. Aren’t the features on this phone neat? Can’t believe it’s that low cost.

  2. I was so bummed when we went to get hubby a phone because our Walmart didn’t have any accessories! I know that when we get our tax return I will be turning my phone over and getting a new one on the Walmart Family Plan. I’d be dumb not to for less than $40 a month – it’s less than I pay now and I have a limited number of minutes I can use!!!


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