What we’re playing with: Radio Flyer Pro-Glider scooter… indoors

Yes, I let the kids have a scooter… indoors. You may think I'm crazy, but I really wanted them to get the feel for riding in a relatively safe place before I let them loose in the neighborhood. Radio Flyer scooter

I will admit that if they were any other children, I wouldn't let them ride indoors. But my kids have a tendency to be overly cautious, which makes learning to ride scooters, bikes, and even trikes an excruciating process. I figured that if I let them ride slowly indoors to get the hang of scooting, that it would make transitioning to outside a whole lot easier.

Plus, it's cute. Right? Indoor Scooter
What we're playing with
This model is, from what I can figure, a Radio Flyer Pro Glider Costco exclusive. It steers amazingly well and rides smooth… indoors or out. You can find a sim
ilar scooter on the Radio Flyer site.  Scooter style

Leanne Signature 2My kids will definitely have protective gear {and shoes!} when they are actually moving. These photos were shot at a snails pace, which is the only reason I let it happen. 

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