Fun OshKosh fashions for fall and winter {25% off coupon}

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.

I grew up an OshKosh kid. I vividly remember at least a dozen favorite OshKosh outfits that I wore from toddlerhood on up. I was so thrilled that of all my baby and toddler clothing, my mom had saved a few of my old OshKosh favorites in my keepsake box.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I discovered an OshKosh store that had just gone in a few months earlier, and I made the trip with my sister in law who also had little ones. Together, we loaded up on basics, PJs, and fun stuff from newborn to 12 month for our little ones and had a blast. Even though our baskets were full when we went to check out, I remember being surprised by how low our bills were.

I’ve shopped at the OshKosh b'gosh store numerous times since then, but those first clothes I bought will always be the most memorable. In fact, I can’t bear to part with 90% of the clothes we bought that day as those were the clothes my daughter ended up wearing the most. Since she didn’t grow for so long, our memories in those small sizes span about a year in total, so my daughter literally wore most clothing into rags at that stage.

In OshKosh 2009
But, not her OshKosh clothes. Those look as good as new, or as new as baby clothes can look after being worn for so long. And, that’s the reason I have such a hard time parting with them. So, instead of donating as I did with all of her other clothing, I kept quite a few pieces for her keepsake box just like my mom did before me.

So, knowing what big fans we are of OshKosh, you can bet we were excited to find out we were going to get a gift card to shop the store this fall to see all of their new styles. Armed with a few pieces from home that we were going to match with, the kids and I headed off to our local store this week.

OshKosh shopping

What we found was a mix of adorable, cute, hip, practical, and truly fun pieces for baby and kids, up to size 12.

As excited as they were to see all the cute clothes, it only took them a minute before they spotted the kids LEGO table in the back and insisted that they had earned some play time. I agreed, and then started shopping at the back of the store in the winter gear so I could be right with them.

Winter clothes from OshKosh
With winter on its way and our snowshoes dying to be dug out, we needed some new bib overalls for snow and I love OshKosh brand snow gear. I found a huge selection of both girly and boyish designs, but ended up going kind of boring with grey because I want both kids to be able to wear them. Next, I found a cute little hat for my little man and some grey snow boots in my daughter’s size.

After snow gear was out of the way, I really got to do the fun stuff and pick out some cute fall pieces.
OshKosh fashion
Their clearance was amazing and I scored some pants, a dress, and leggings, and a hoodie for roughly the price just the hoodie would have been elsewhere. Then I found a cute little red holiday dress for my girly girl, some ballet flats, and even a princess crown that she fell in love with.

OshKosh Crown
For my son, he got a classic pair of OshKosh blue and white striped overalls for a photo shoot I want to do with him. They were impossible for me to resist at 50% off, and I imagine they are going to get lots of use now that he loves trains so much.
OshKosh overalls
Then, I found some cute plaid shirts that are perfect for fall and winter, and threw those in, too. On the way to the register I found the perfect glow in the dark skeleton hoodie and knew it had to be ours.

OshKosh fashions
When we finally made it out of the store, I had two huge bags full of adorable fashions that I couldn't wait for the kids to wear. I laid them all out when we got home and we planned out our weekend full of cousin fun. The yellow dress and butterfly leggings was the perfect outfit for our day at Pike Place.
OshKosh fall and winter

The next day my son wore the glow in the dark hoodie and my daughter wore her blue top and it was perfect for a day spent skating, playing at the park and doing a little shopping.
OshKosh skeleton sweatshirtOshKosh at AG

Ready to do some shopping at OshKosh b'gosh? You're in luck, because I have a coupon for you! Be sure to use the coupon below at checkout to get 25% off your order!

OshKosh coupon
You can use it in-store or online and will make for some truly awesome deals when you shop. Also, make sure you are following OshKosh on Facebook to keep up with all of their holiday promotions.

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