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I’ve become quite the expert lunch packer in the past 6 years. I have my method down to an exact science to make sure everyone always has a healthy lunch with all the food groups in it.

My planning starts on Sunday when I wash fruits and veggies, prep cheese and yogurt, and place each into reusable containers in the drawer of our fridge, as well as pre-portion items from the pantry for every day of the week. Then, on the morning of, I’ve got ice packs, a container in the fridge for each family member, and loads of insulated totes at the ready to make lunches only take a few seconds.

But, sometimes those lovingly packed lunches come back to me just exactly as I sent them because hubby or the kids was offered a hot lunch instead. Not that I blame them, there’s something really satisfying about a nice, hot lunch. If I’m being truly honest, I prefer hot over cold lunch any day of the week, especially during the winter.

In fact, I’ve even attempted to send hot lunch once or twice… and, unfortunately, haven’t succeeded yet. So, when I read about Lava Lunch, I was immediately excited about the idea of hot lunch on the go.

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Melissa Zimberg, the owner of Lava Lunch, explained that in addition to just being nice on a cold and rainy day, hot foods are also more nutrient dense, have more flavonoids, and are easier to digest. She also described how hot food signals the satiated response sooner, so it also prevents overeating, which makes a lot of sense.

Lava Lunch makes sending a hot and hearty lunch possible without worry of spoiled food or cold and tasteless food. Instead of ice packs, Lave Lunch offers you something not available in other lunch bags – warmth. By combining proprietary insulation and Lava Rocks that provide additional heat, Lava Lunch bags can keep food warm for up to 6 hours, which allows you to pack all sorts of healthy and flavorful foods that were never possible until now.

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Yes, that's right, it's a hot lunch box!

It takes only two minutes to activate, and can be reused thousands of times. Just pack your hot foods in a travel safe container, activate the Lava Rocks in the microwave, pack and go. There's room for snacks, and utensils in an outside pocket and a cold drink fits nicely in the side pocket. 

On days when a cold meal is preferred, just remove the Lava Rocks. The added insulation keeps cold meals colder than most bags as well. Not to mention the fact that it’s stylish, budget-friendly, sustainable, and both kid and earth friendly.

With this list of features, why would you ever need another lunch tote?
•    Durable lead-free, PVC-free fabric bag with easy-to-wipe interior lining
•    Outside pocket for accessible storage
•    Interior super foam for maximum insulation
•    Lava Rocks are made of organic, plant-based material, and designed so that they cannot leak – even if punctured
•    Food or drink can stay hot up to 6 hours with two Lava Rocks, depending on room and outside temperatures, and onset temperature
•    Interior organization with two mesh pockets for Lava Rocks and small items
•    PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free

Want another reason to buy? Lava Lunch has a great 5-5-5 program that gives back while offering some really great recipes. Intrigued? Check out the 5-5-5 program here. It’s like a recipe exchange, but just by participating Lava Lunch will donates 5% of purchases to help end childhood hunger!

Be sure to like Lava Lunch on Facebook, and to follow the Lava Lunch Blog for recipes, tips, and more. Ready to buy? Check out the Lava Lunch store for more info. Love Lava Lunch and want to support them? Vote for Lava Lunch on Mission Main Street Grants!

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8 thoughts on “Enjoy a hot lunch anywhere with Lava Lunch”

  1. Wow, how did I miss this? Everyone knows about packing a cold lunch, but I never knew there was a way to keep hot foods hot (except like coffee, in a thermos). Gonna check it out!!

  2. Does anyone have the contact info for lava lunch. There’s no contact info anywhere. There website says out of stock. I need to replace the heating bags as they did not last but six month and they don’t really keep food hot. I wouldn’t recommend it.


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