Make yourself a home with Lundby {SMÅLAND Swedish dollhouse review}

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Welcome home to Lundby
I feel like I should win some sort of award for the fact that I still haven’t shown my daughter her new Lundby house she’s going to be opening on Christmas. It’s been an exercise in self-control to keep it hidden away in my office {which actually isn’t all that “hidden”, but that’s a whole other issue} even though I pass it numerous times a day.

Everyone is posting things on social media stressing about how there’s only 43 days until Christmas and all I can think is how on Earth am I going to be able to wait that long?

And, then when a new shipment of miniatures arrived the other day with a Lundby family and two packages to complete her Lundby kitchen and dining room, I realized this was going to be an even bigger task than I imagined.

Lundby accessories

The Lundby is the Swedish Doll’s House, modeled after the modern architecture of Sweden with clean lines and minimalist designs. But, don’t mistake “minimalist” for an absence of style, because the Lundby Smaland has style to spare.

With patterned floors, wallpapered walls {that can even be changed by downloading wallpaper on the Lundby site}, and tons of realistic details, this dollhouse is a true work of art. And, that’s before you had any furniture or accessories.

Lundby dollhouse
As you can imagine, the Lundby pieces we received aren’t traditional kid’s dollhouse furniture; they are amazing toys that are so realistic that it’s easy to imagine them as part of a working household.

Take for instance this kitchen suite that looks like a page right out of the IKEA catalog. Hard to believe that the family this kitchen belongs to is 5” tall.

Lundby Kitchen
This modern style kitchen has a trendy yet classic subway style backsplash, butcher block countertops, and a clean white color scheme just begging for some splashes of color. With opening and closing drawers, cabinets, fridge and oven, as well as a few accessories included, it’s impossible to resist playing with, rearranging, and decorating.

But, that’s not all. Remember my Lundby, the Swedish Doll’s House post where I talked about the amazing power cord that brings the Smaland House to life? Well, plug in the tiny power cord attached to each kitchen section into the kitchen walls and you will see the real magic of a Lundby house. With under cabinet lights and a lit oven, it truly makes the house feel like home.

Lundby open oven
One look at the cozy kitchen lit up like it was in the middle of cooking up a big holiday meal and I wanted to shrink to miniature size and climb right inside. I could imagine my miniature self carrying a large turkey into the dining room, sitting down at the table set for four and enjoying a wonderful meal with my family. Or maybe a cookie party to celebrate the end of the hectic holiday season with my favorites.

Cookie party at Lundby
Ever since our Lundby house arrived, I have spent a good deal of time on the site looking for inspiration to truly make the house a home. I was thrilled when I found that they even offer advice on styling your Lundby house, crafts to do yourself, and even downloads that you can utilize to create whatever room you're dreaming of.

As for us, I'm thinking we need a fireplace to decorate, what about you?

Lundby playroom
Want to see more? Check out and follow Lundby on Instagram. Also, be sure and check out the Lundby Inspiration page to see how others are designing their Lundby homes. You can shop Lundby at and on

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Lundby for sending the Smaland Doll's House for us to love. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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