Getting organized with Fellowes {Powershred 63Cb shredder review}

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Fellowes. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Years ago, when the company I worked for closed, I had the task of cleaning out my old office where I was office manager and handled all HR. Let me tell you it was quite the task. There was 16 years of my paperwork in that office hidden away in drawers, filing cabinets, and folders, and most of it had nowhere to go.

Some of those mountains of paperwork were important and they went to my boss, who then had to store it just in case. Some of the paperwork was about clients and that went to the company who had bought us.

But, some of that paperwork was my notes and scribbles and it had no use to anyone, but was full of information I didn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. With only hours to evacuate and very little manpower because everyone was busy emptying their own spaces, I did the best I could, but eventually admitted defeat.

Sadly, some of this junk had to be taken with me as there was no way I was going to be able to track down 16 years of past employees in 24hours to ask them to come get every scrap of paper, time card, old insurance applications, bank slips and payroll stub dating back to 1997 {Fun fact! Most of these have your full social security number, account numbers and birthday on them!}.

So, I reluctantly moved a locked file cabinet full of old paperwork into my garage and have been looking for a way to get rid of it safely ever since. I thought of a bonfire, but I hated the idea of guarding paperwork during the day or having a project to do at night instead of just enjoying the fire, so I realized I needed a shredder to handle the mountain of paperwork.

But not just any shredder. I bought two of those, and both of them failed me miserably. What I needed was an industrial strength model that could handle the sheer amount of paperwork I had accumulated in so many years but be so huge that it would take up my whole home office.

Fellowes Buy Right Infographic
I was introduced to the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb Shredder and it is definitely not “just any shredder”. The Fellowes Powershred is an animal. Seriously.

Powershred 63Cb
And, it’s not short on features, either. The Fellowes 63Cb shredder features Jam Blocker {which was really nice with all the crumped, messy receipts and papers from employees}, SafeSense {to protect little fingers} and Energy Savings Technology {so you’re not sucking power 24/7 keeping it plugged in}. If I had owned one of these bad boys back in my corporate days, I would have looked forward to using it to keep things clean and organized – and maybe I would have avoided moving all this worthless paperwork FOUR different times.

Fellowes Powershred top
Speaking of my excess filing, the Fellowes 63Cb rocked through the first box of paperwork and then rocked through the second box. And, it would have rocked through the third box except *I* was tired and needed a break from shredding, emptying, and then finding something to do with the millions of pounds of confetti I was making. So, I called in reinforcements and my husband took over for the third box.

When I was done and the boxes were empty, I felt safe knowing that each sheet of paper was now in 302 shreds and all of our old credit card courtesy checks, bank deposit slips, and old applications with social security numbers were gone for good. 

Shredded paper
And, ever since the massive piles have been removed from my house, I’ve been so much happier. It’s hard to feel good about your space when you know you’re storing a full filing cabinet of useless paperwork, and it made it harder to find paperwork I actually needed. Even better was that I got to get rid of the filing cabinet, too. I set it on the street with a sign that said “free” and it was gone within an hour. I’m rocking this home organization thing, thanks to Fellowes.

I’m confident that my paperwork is never, ever going to get as bad as it was now that I’ve got the Fellowes 63Cb situated right beside my desk from now on. Every bank deposit slip, every credit card insert, and every useless piece of paper that people send me with proprietary information is no longer going to fill my filing cabinet now that it’s twice as easy {and way more fun} to shred and have it disappear forever. Take that, clutter!

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4 thoughts on “Getting organized with Fellowes {Powershred 63Cb shredder review}”

  1. I have been thinking about getting a shredder. The paper mountain is overtaking the house and something has to be done. I do not want to throw the papers out since they have personal information. This shredder sounds fantastic.

  2. We could really use a shredder! I think I may just get one for my husband this Christmas. He has a “shred” box that we keep and wait until a free shredding event, but it would be much easier to just do it ourselves!


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