DIY: transform your wagon into an awesome fire truck

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My little guy can’t wait to grow up and fight fires and drive fire trucks. On his 3rd birthday he came running in as soon as he woke up and asked if he was old enough to be a firefighter yet, clearly thinking that 3 just had to be grown up enough to fight fires.

Although I can’t do anything about the fact that he’s still got a decade and a half before we can pursue his dream of firefighting, I can encourage him to imagine himself as a firefighting hero every day of his childhood. With the Get Real Gear Jr Fire Fighter costume from Aeromax paired with what is quite possibly the coolest kid’s ride ever, we are well on our way to helping the kids play hero whenever they want.

Hello, Step2 “Fire Wagon”!

Step2 Wagon as fire truck

How could you not feel inspired with a ride like this? My little guy was so incredibly excited when he realized he got to ride in this Fire Wagon every day to go pick up his sister from school, and even more so when he checked out all the details that went to transform our All Around Canopy Wagon into his dream ride.

By adding a few reflective strips, a small picket fence section, a broken Pocket Hose, a clean round jar, some reflective tinsel, a super strong magnet, and some bathroom hooks, we were able to create the ultimate Fire Wagon under $10 using things we already owned and a quick trip to the hardware store. Just a few bucks and our beloved Step2 wagon went from functional to amazing, and our rides to and from school each day were never the same.

Fire Wagon with logo
Step 1 – buy the awesome All Around Canopy Wagon from

Step 2 – find a small picket fence or lattice that can be cut with a small saw to make a mini ladder.

Picket fence
Step 3
– make a hose out of tubing, or as we did, repurpose an old hose you already own.

Fire hose
Step 4
– find some bathroom hooks to hold up the ladder and one to hang the hose.

Hooks on fire wagon
Step 5
– add some reflectors using either tape or reflective disks at your local home improvement store.

Step 6 – fill a clean jar with reflective tinsel and attach to the wagon by sandwiching the canopy in between the lid and a magnet.
Fire engine light

I think it turned out pretty darn cute, what do you think?
Step2 Fire Wagon

Not to mention that it certainly makes school pick up and drop off a whole lot more fun. Who could resist smiling and waving hello to this little Jr. fire fighter?
Fire wagon on the fire lane
You can buy the All Around Canopy Wagon at for $99, and you can see more about the adorable costume my kiddos are wearing on our Aeromax Toys costume post here.

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big thank you to Step2 for sending the wagon for us to repurpose.  As always,
all opinions are 100% ours.

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