Aeromax Get Real Gear for Halloween and beyond

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Imaginations take flight with Aeromax
In our house, we take our dress up very seriously. We don’t merely have dress up time; all play time these days is done in costume. On any given day you will find the kids dressed as princesses, cowboys, knights, dragons, fairies, and doctors to go along with whatever they are playing with.

Our love of dress up lead us to fall in love with a company called Aeromax that makes the most realistic dress up gear anywhere. The kids have never been drawn to the fake costumes with plastic and overdone jewels – they want stuff that they can put on and be able to truly imagine themselves as a scientist in a lab, a police officer keeping the neighborhood safe, or a pilot flying a cargo plane full of toys.

With Aeromax Toys, pretend play has never been more realistic because even though their gear is designed for kids, this stuff is anything but child’s play. Seriously, just look at these costumes from their Get Real Gear line!

Get Real Gear Aeromax
We’re talking flashing sirens, metal buckles, sewn-on patches, real buttons and snaps, and reinforced fabrics and details that look like miniature versions of the real deal stuff.  For over 15 years Aeromax has been sparking imaginations with dress up clothing and gear from baby on up to adult and has received every top toy industry award.

Aeromax detailsWith Halloween on the horizon, now more than ever we are thinking about costumes. But, with how much my kids love dress up year-round, I never consider shopping for Halloween at stores that carry traditional costumes. You know the kind, the ones that are made of those awful polyester fabrics and are designed to self-destruct before you even make it around the block trick or treating and with accessories so flimsy they end up being held together by tape before the big day even rolls around.

No, that won’t do at all. Our dress up gear needs to last throughout dozens of playtimes, so we need high quality stuff that’s built to be played in. Thank goodness Aeromax knows that dress up isn’t just for October 31st and has plenty of high quality gear that is made to be loved. And, trust me when I say that the gear that just arrived from Aeromax is very, very loved.

We received the Jr. Fire Fighter costume in tan, the Jr. Astronaut costume in white and then helmets for both costumes, and to say they were well received would be a vast understatement. Since my daughter is obsessed with space travel and my son is convinced he is almost old enough to fight fires, these costumes really couldn’t have been any better suited to my kids.

Aeromax get real gear

My son has tried on real firefighting gear numerous times before, so as soon as he saw his new Aeromax Jr. Fire Fighter bib overalls, coat and hat, he knew that it was something special. Within minutes, he was all suited up and ready “to fight emergencies”, running around making his helmet flash and sound the alarm and telling everyone proudly that he was a real fireman.

Aeromax Firefighter
It’s hard to blame the kid; the costume really does seem that realistic. With adjustable bib overalls boasting pockets and knee patches paired with the heavy weight coat complete with zipper, pockets, and metal buckles as well as reinforced elbow patches, reflective strips and gauntlet cuffs, it is as close to the real deal as you can get.

And, look at how adorable he looks off to “fight emergencies”.

Aeromax firefighter costume
The Jr. Astronaut gear was also a huge hit with my daughter. She has loved putting it on as we are playing “careers”, wearing it to a play date to show it off to the other kids, and it has sparked numerous discussions about space travel and science.

Astronaut head shot
I think it's pretty awesome that she's been busy planning her space missions and talking about rockets, shuttles, and space stations since she usually tend towards the girly and pink. After all, "princess" isn't really a viable career path, so I love that she's getting a small taste of adventure and excitement at a young age that will hopefully stay with her throughout childhood.

The Jr. Astronaut set comes with a NASA baseball hat, so I wasn't entirely sure that we needed the full space helmet in order to complete the costume. But, as it turns out, I was very, very wrong. The Jr Astronaut helmet is truly awesome and it makes the suit seem all the more realistic. With an opening and closing visor, a mini microphone for intergalactic communications and even a count down timer to blast off, the helmet has proven to be tons of fun and perfect for photo ops.

Apart from being completely adorable, I love that the Aeromax Get Real Gear teaches children that they can be anything they would like to be. Whether they aspire to be a famous scientist or a fire fighting hero, pretend play and dress up encourages children to imagine themselves in their dream career. It’s never been easier to imagine with the Aeromax Get Real gear that makes those dreams feel real, and that makes them worth every single penny.

I just might be looking at my future right here:

Glimpse of my future
Aeromax has costumes for every baby, child, and adult that are made with quality and designed for years of imaginative and pretend play. To find out more about this amazing company and to see the vast selection of costumes and gear from Aeromax, visit their website at, shop directly from their online store and connect with them on Facebook and YouTube.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Aeromax for sending the adorable Jr Fire Fighter and Jr Astronaut costumes to love. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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  1. What cute costumes! Both of your kids are so darned adorable, but I love these ideas! What realistic play my kids could come up with – dressing up as an occupation they wanted to be (like an astronaut!) How fun!

  2. Please don’t tell my daughter that princess isn’t a viable career path. Her heart will be broken….lol! Seriously though, I love the costumes you picked out and they look so realistic!


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