Kmart makes fiscally responsible Back to School easy

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I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Kmart Back to School commercials with the kids on the playground telling “Yo Mama” jokes to compliment each other’s new Kmart gear. Just like the infamous “Ship My Pants” commercial of earlier this summer, it’s clever and funny, and every time it comes on, I find myself stopping what I’m doing to watch it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be so fashion forward and fiscally responsible that the kids are talking about it on the playground? Well, now you can be that cool mom simply by shopping at Kmart for back to school.

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And, their fall sales and deals couldn’t come at a better time, because in addition to back to school items and school supplies, fall means the start of many different activities that all cost a good chunk of change. With so much going on, your budget can get pulled in a lot of different directions, and it’s easy to realize you’re over budget before school has even started.

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Fortunately, Kmart has savings on back to school so you can breathe easier. Now you can pick up everything on their back to school shopping list from backpacks to gym shoes and the latest fall styles for less, all in one place.

What will YOU do with your savings? I vote picking up something for yourself because it is a new year, after all. So, what does a fashion forward and fiscally responsible mom dress like?

For those of you who haven't seen the Yo Mama commercial, here it is. You're welcome.

As you head out for last minute school shopping, you should check out the Kmart Back to School page for great deals that will get any year off to a good start. Be sure and follow the #KmartBackToSchool campaign via Twitter and follow @Kmart as well as like them Kmart on Facebook.

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