Crayola for Back to School

Back to School with Crayola
Don’t shoot me, but I’m actually looking forward to Back to School shopping. I’m excited about walking the aisles and aisles of notebooks, protractors, pencil boxes and art supplies looking for the perfect supplies to send my daughter off to school with. Maybe it’s my love of office supplies talking, but I love digging through all the brand new school supplies and taking in the scent of new crayons and freshly sharpened pencils.

Yes, I know all you seasoned moms are now shaking your heads at me.

It’s not that I look forward to plunking down cash for brand new crayons when our {slighty} broken ones are just fine, it’s just that school is more fun when you have a backpack full of new school supplies. I’m looking forward to loading up my art-loving daughter with all the fun stuff for school {and for at home} that can make her entire school year exciting.

In fact, I didn't even mind that we had to store-hop a bit in order to get everything we needed, er, wanted, because it was as much about the adventure as it was about our crazy awesome Crayola haul we came home with. Seriously, just look at all this fun stuff we get to play with!

Crayola Haul

We started at Target because I had store coupons that I could pair with a manufacturer coupons to get some really great deals. As always, I forgot to stick with my list, but with aisle after aisle of affordable notebooks, folders, binders, glue sticks and much more, we ended up scoring some really great items for pennies.

Target Back to School shopping
I especially love the Crayola Tri-Color markers that change colors as you draw just by the way you hold them. Even though my marker-drawing days are few and far between, I still really wanted these just to see what kinds of art projects I could create. 

My daughter really liked the PipSqueaks markers that came with little characters you could play with as you color, but I talked her into the multipack of PipSqueaks because it had more color choices.  I knew the smaller size would fit perfect in the pencil case I bought, and the fact that they are still bigger around makes them great for the kiddos' little hands as they work on their fine motor skills.  

Target Crayola shoppingUnfortunately Target didn't have everything we needed, so we ended up heading to Walmart the next day as well and shopping for far longer than my little guy would have liked. To keep the peace, we bribed him with Hot Wheels cars and he was all smiles for the rest of our trip.

Luckily, the trip was very worth it because they ended up having a huge selection of Crayola at our local Walmart, so we ran through and grabbed all of the school requested items first. Having never school shopped before, I was surprised that the school lists specified Crayola crayons and markers.  Of course, it makes sense since there's no other company I associate school with more than Crayola. They say Crayola is preferred by most teachers, and after seeing all the school lists for the many school districts that all listed Crayola, I definitely believe it.  Maybe it's the fact that they make the "World's Most Washable Markers"?

After our list was checked off we then moved on to the fun stuff. We got some Fabric Markers for labeling her backpack or any other fabric items for school, some Washable Watercolors and Paint Brush Pens to go with the new Step2 art desk, and then SuperTips 65ct washable markers and Twistables Colored Pencils both in portable cases to make them easy to take with us on-the-go. 

Walmart Crayola shopping

As we organized our new art supplies into her new backpack and into the new Step2 school/art desk, we were all incredibly excited.  Just seeing the piles of colorful crafting supplies could inspire even a casual art fan, and both of my kids have definitely been bit by the art bug. It was fun to plan all the ways we can use them together for homework, crafting, and beyond, and it's almost got me wishing it was me going back to school.


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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Crayola for providing the gift card for me to shop for supplies as well as a giveaway to our fabulous readers. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. Oh man, those paint pals pens! I totally need to get those for the kids! Or maybe me. I LOVE the back to school shopping! Hubs never understands why I suddenly feel the need to buy 10 new notebooks and ALL THE PENS! When Manney gets to kindergarten, I might be more excited than he will be!

  2. I love the Twistable Colored Pencils and the paint brush markers look cool too!
    We love crayola products and can never get enough of them.

  3. The Paint brush pens look really cool and I think my daughter would LOVE them(:
    The post button wouldn’t appear under a regular post. Sorry for making it under a reply post :/


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