Chicago event introduces new expanded Bitty Baby line from American Girl

AG Bitty Baby
At American Girl, the message is about celebrating oneself and all the things that make us unique and special.  In fact, they have a whole line of customizable 18” My American Girl dolls that are a perfect example of this.  For the past few years they have been offering the award-winning My American Girl customizable doll experience where you can choose from different skin, eye, and hair colors and styles to best match your child’s unique features.

My American Girl doll
But, until this August, the Bitty Baby line was far less customizable.  With only 7 options available to choose from up until now, the line was not all-encompassing by any means.  There were many children, my daughter included, that didn’t have a Bitty Baby option for them.

Which Bitty Baby Will You Choose
My daughter has light hair, light skin and brown eyes, which I have realized doesn’t really exist in the doll world.  Dolls with brown eyes have dark hair and oftentimes darker skin as well, and blonde haired dolls almost always have blue eyes.   

Or, at least they did.  On August 27th, the new Bitty Baby dolls will come in 11 options with all sorts of combinations of light and dark skin and eyes, which makes it far more likely that you will find that perfect doll as unique as your child.  Like their My American Girl line, now you can pick skin tone, eye color, and hair color to customize your child’s Bitty Baby experience. 

I was invited to an American Girl event while I was at BlogHer in Chicago where the news of the new Bitty Baby line was introduced to a very excited crowd of American Girl fans.  We got to play with the new line, see all the new dolls, and even have our pictures taken with them.

American Girl Bitty Baby eventOf course, I was incredibly excited when I realized that they now carry a light skinned, light hair, brown eyed baby that is perfect for my baby. The message that my daughter doesn’t need to have blue eyes in order to be beautiful is an important one for me, so I love that her new Bitty Baby will reflect her individuality. Now even the youngest American Girl fans can learn the lesson about how everyone is unique and special, just the way they are.

Bitty Baby with brown eyes
What else is new in the expanded Bitty Baby line?

In addition to the new expanded range of dolls, the new Bitty Baby will come with a new sleeper, new hardcover books, and a soft “wishing star” instead of the Bitty Bear. The new Bitty Baby relaunch will also include an amazing new line of playsets and matching clothing for girls and dolls, beautiful wood furniture, high quality accessories, and more.

Is there any possible way my daughter won't ask for this adorable doll/girl dress up set from Santa? New-Bitty-Baby-Doll-and-Matching-Outfit-1024x682

As for me, my favorite new release is the new line of Bitty Baby books. The new Bitty Baby collection will include 5 hardcover books: Bitty Baby and Me, Bitty Baby at the Ballet, Bitty Baby Loves the Show, Bitty Baby the Brave, and Princess Bitty Baby. The books are written by Pacific Northwest author and Newberry Awardee, Kirby Larson, and illustrated by award winning illustrator Sue Cornelison. In addition to great story that little girls will love, they also include a parents’ section that helps break down the lessons of the book.
Bitty Baby Books
Below is one of my favorite pictures from the Bitty Baby event at BlogHer.  And, not just because I had faux purple MLP hair. Some of my absolute favorite blogger friends also joined me at the event, and in the Smilebox photo booth. From left to right, that is Debra {A Frugal Friend}, Emilie {Baby Loving Mama}, Kate {The Shopping Mama}, Ellen {Thrifty & Chic Mom} and me at the event.1nfyn30261-M

Updated: In honor of the Bitty Baby launch, American Girl is hosting a video contest where you could win a $1,200 Bitty Baby bundle. Enter by October 20th – details below! Bitty Baby Video Contest

Leanne Signature 2Thank you again to the awesome Jenny Ingram, one of my absolute favorite Seattle bloggers, and to the lovely Danielle Smith, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the event.  The #BittyBaby event was an amazing time!  As always, all opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. First, I had such a great time hanging out with you at this event (and others at BlogHer). I am just in love with the Bitty Baby dolls and love that there are now more options. Such a great first doll!

  2. Can I order a fair skinned bitty baby with brown hair and hazel eyes? If so, how do I do that? I can’t find anyplace in the catalog that offers this.


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