Stax Living 3-piece hard anodized 5-quart saute pan set

In honor of February being Heart Health Month, we’ve been making an effort to eat healthier and cook more at home.  In addition to the savings of not eating out, I just feel better knowing what every single thing is that I’m eating, and have found it’s actually a lot of fun to find, create, and enjoy meals here at home.  Yes, really.

Asparagus steaming
If you’ve been reading awhile, you may know that I’m called “One Pan Leanne” because I rarely use more than one piece of cookware with each meal. But you probably don’t know that I won’t just use any old pan, it has to be a very specific size and type. It has to be large enough to hold enough food for everyone, be versatile enough to cook all my favorite meals, and, most importantly, it needs to be hard anodized so I don’t have to use extra oils and fats just to keep everything from sticking.

Each Valentine’s Day, hubby and I create a gourmet meal at home using all of our many kitchen gadgets and this year I was extra excited because that morning I had received the 21185740318561ploveliest delivery on my porch. No, the delivery was not from my Valentine, it was from FedEx and it contained a brand new Stax Living 3-Piece Hard Anodized 5-Quart Sauté Pan Set.

Since the American Heart Association and National Stroke Association both recommend nonstick cookware that doesn’t require extra fat and oils as part of a heart-healthy diet, I knew this new 3-piece set coated with Teflon was going to be perfect for us in our quest to eat healthier. And, not only does the set have a nice, large hard anodized 5 quart sauté pan to help reduce excess oils, it also comes with a stainless steel steamer basket and lid, which makes it even more versatile and health-friendly.

With how much I love steaming veggies to retain all the nutrients, I had been looking to buy a nice steamer soon, and this one was better than what I had been looking at. I love that it’s an integrated part of the cookware, fits the same lid, and the fact that it nests so nicely in the sauté pan, which saves space when storing.

Stacking pans
And, speaking of lids and nesting nicely, the Stax Living line has done something I really appreciate by creating a shatter-resistant glass lid that is flat instead of curved. In addition to allowing you to check your food while it’s covered, this design also allows you to place the lid upside down on the pan and create a flat surface, which maximizes your storage possibilities.  

Flat glass lids
This is great because once you have one set of Stax Living cookware, you’re going to want more, so this gives you an easy way to store all of your pieces and make them quick to grab. With its durable hard anodized sauté pan boasting twice the hardness of stainless steel as well as exceptional heat retention and heat distribution, you will find yourself reaching for the Stax Living set over and over again.

I’ve never used another cookware set with silicone wrapped handles, but even so, it didn’t take me long to get used to it. The silicone makes them easy to hold onto as well as heat resistant even when cooking over gas, which makes me wonder why every cookware handle isn’t wrapped as well. 

Silicone pan handle
After using the 3pc set for the past two weeks, I am thrilled with how easy it is to use, how versatile it is for all of our favorite dishes, and most of all, how it has encouraged us to eat healthier. By eliminating excess oils and making it easy to integrate veggies into everything we make, I find I’m much more adventurous and have been cooking far more vegetables, even as a main dish. 

Valentine's Day Dinner
As great as healthy, versatile cooking is, the really big bonus is the fact that the Teflon® nonstick cooking surfaces are nonstick, which means it is easy to cleanup without scrubbing or soaking after the meal. Since the whole idea behind “One Pan Leanne” is to minimize dishes and mess, having a set that is so easy to clean {either by hand or in the dishwasher} is paramount. 

If you’re looking for cookware to help you cook and eat healthy, I would recommend checking out the Stax Living hard anodized set. You can use less oil, cook more veggies, and enjoy cooking a whole lot more when your cookware is this fun and easy to use and clean!  You can find out more about cooking with Teflon here.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Stax Living for sending a cookware set to facilitate this review and for offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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