Wordless Wednesday: Guess where we were

This last weekend we had a mini vacation at "the best place, ever", according to my daughter.  She will tell anyone who asks that she wants to go "for 18 days next time, not a measly 1 day". 

Can you guess where we were?
GWL water park
Here's a few more clues:
GWL mother daughter self portrait
And, one of my favorites of the weekend:

Washington water park
If you guessed we were at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound Washington, then you are correct.  It was a short stay, but it was amazing. 

It had a little something for everyone in the family… even our son, who is scared out of his mind of standing water.  That big splashing bucket pictured above didn't bother him, but he wouldn't even set foot in the kiddie splash area.  He's a crazy boy, I tell you.

If you're in Washington State and lamenting all the rain and grey, you should schedule yourself a visit at Great Wolf.  It's not far from Seattle and it's perfect for enjoying some water fun in the winter.  I know it's going to be our go-to winter mini vacation spot when we just need some family time and fun!

Leanne Signature 2This post was not sponsored in any way, I just thought I would share our weekend outing for those thinking of visiting Seattle in the winter!

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Guess where we were”

  1. So fun! My youngest is the opposite of yours – she’s FREAKED by those big splashing buckets, yet will splash around in the kiddie area forever.
    Glad you guys had such a good time!

  2. If only our youngest could share an admission cost – maybe if we argue that between the two of them they enjoy it as much as one of our oldest? And, yes, Kerri! Next time, for sure!

  3. I think there is more than one location of the
    Great Wolf Lodge. I have always wanted to experience
    this wonderful place…
    Thanks, Cindi


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