LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Death Star Transforming Toybox {Review}

Oh, Christmas, why’d you have to go and leave me with a huge mess of stuff?  Mounds of wrapping paper, boxes, and a million little toy pieces with nowhere to go now litter my living room waiting for a place to call home and it’s driving me nuts. 

While it might be tempting to simply scoop up the mess and dump it in the toybox that we just cleared out, I know that is not really a solution.  If we did that, all the little toy pieces would simply line the bottom of the toy box never to be recovered again.  But, worse is that the kiddos would be left with a whole bunch of incomplete toys that would never get played with. 

Thank goodness ZipBin yet again came to the rescue to save my sanity and help organize the kiddos’ mess of stuff.  While last time around we reviewed the Barbie ZipBin Dream House, this time I was looking for something to corral all my son’s little items and was thrilled when I saw this:

Starwars Lego ZipBin
While we don’t let my son play with little LEGOs on his own since he is still so young, he’s very into building stuff and just got his first few sets of LEGOs Star Wars.  So, it was perfect timing to find the perfect way to store all the little pieces and keep it up out of the way unless he was playing supervised with all the little pieces. 

The LEGO ZipBin Death Star was perfect for storing the first few LEGO sets he has collected, as well as providing a great place to play when we bring them out to keep them from being spread all around the house.  I love that you can even separate the little figures from the blocks as they have their own elasticized holders on the perimeter of the Death Star, which we like to call “pods”. 

LEGO ZipBin Star Wars
With a LEGO Star Wars inspired interior, it’s easy to pretend that our LEGO characters have boarded the Death Star and are on their way to some exotic Star Wars locale.  Whether they are manning the controls, locking down the corridors, or fighting storm troopers in the secured areas, there’s a place for everyone and the bin itself adds a storyline, which I love. 

Then, when we’re done playing, it’s a simple zip and everything is all in one place and easy to put up on the shelf for the next play time.  I love that the ZipBin is completely enclosed and even if it falls over or gets jostled, the contents stay put rather than ending up all over the floor in a colossal mess.  

It’s lightweight enough for my son to carry on his own and has an easy wipe-down surface, which makes it perfect for the day he insists upon taking it with us everywhere we go.  But the fact that it is soft sided and weighs almost nothing means it’s also great for storing little toys up high as I’m not worried about it falling off the shelf and hurting anyone.  

But, as I've raved before, what’s really wonderful about ZipBins is that putting toys away is fun when the container is a toy in itself.  You know the old adage that no matter how cool the toy is, they will still end up playing with the box?  Well, I figure I might as well make it a cool box. 

The LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Death Star is only 12×2.5×12.75" zipped, but it can hold a whopping 1000 LEGO bricks and keep them neat and organized.  When unzipped, it creates a nice 12×27" play area to keep the little ones building and playing for hours.  Have more bricks than this and need some major storage?  Check out the whole line of LEGO Star Wars ZipBin products to see everything from a TIE FIghter and the Millenium Falcon to a large toy box to house all your blocks. 

Are you celebrating January Storage Month by finally tackling your playroom?  If so, you're in luck, because Neat-Oh! has a variety of different bins, boxes, and playmats that can organize even the most disorganized spaces!

A big thank you to ZipBin for sending their LEGO Star Wars Death Star for us to play with.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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