Barbie ZipBin Dream House Toy Box and Playmat {Review}

Recently, my daughter has gotten very into Barbies.  Maybe this is because my mom just cleaned out her house and gave us all the ratty-haired dolls my sister and I played with {for the record, my sister is 100% responsible for the ratty hair}, or maybe it’s just because all girls like Barbie at some point or another, but whatever the reason, Barbie’s a big deal here right now.

Know what’s also a big deal around here?  Me being sick of stepping on teeny tiny Barbie shoes, purses, bikes, clarinets, pleather jackets, etc.  Enter ZipBin from Neat-Oh!, the easiest way to keep the peace ever.

Now, instead of having all the millions of accessories spread out all over the floor during Barbie
playtime, we use our Barbie ZipBin Dream House to play in and all the little pieces stay with the dolls instead of ending up all over my floor as they play.  When playtime is done, you simply fold up the sides and zip them shut and you have an easy-to-carry Barbie tote that can hold a surprising amount of Barbies… and their stuffs.

When unzipped, the ZipBin folds out to look like a fun Barbie floorplan, complete with a pink Barbie pool in the lid.  By keeping the ZipBin partially zipped up, you can create two or three connected walls and keep them more enclosed during play, or you can unzip them all and lay the 36” x 36” playmat flat – it’s up to you. 

While I love the organized and enclosed Barbie storage that keeps little pieces off my floor {for the most part}, what is truly awesome about the ZipBin is that my daughter doesn’t know she’s being tricked.  She thinks she got this awesome new toy that completes her Barbie playland but in actuality she’s been given a Barbie cleanup and store system that is really more for me than her.

Sorry, kiddo.

Barbie ZipBin
Know what else is super cool about the Barbie ZipBin Dream House?  The zippered bin is a small 12” x 12” x 12”, which means it fits in many modular shelving units so you can store multiple ZipBins in one place. 

Since we have lots of Barbies now, this is going to be my system for organizing and for storing so I was really happy to see it was a perfect fit in the IKEA Expedit shelf we turned into a window seat.  And, hey look, we can get 4 more!

Barbie ZipBin 2
I also love that ZipBins collapse to lie flat so you could store them when you’re not using them to save space.  Although I can’t imagine the scenario in which we are no longer using the Barbie ZipBin Dream House but still have Barbies, I still like that folding it flat is an option for storage.

Don’t have a Barbie girl?  No worries, because ZipBin makes so much more than Barbie bins.90bedfbe009b16b9961fc846e2dfce93  They also have Lego containers, Hot Wheels tracks and playmats, princess houses, farm playsets, dino worlds and much, much more to keep the little ones happy and organized.  My little guy needs the Hot Wheels Wheelies PlayPack badly, and I’m on a mission to get him one.  I'm sure there's a few {or a dozen} ZipBins that would be perfect for your little one to play and store in as well.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to ZipBin for sending the Barbie Dream House to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. 

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