LINCOLN Arrives in Theaters Today

Last week we got to have a Seattle date to see a film I have been excited about for months, the new Steven Spielberg film, LINCOLN.  As an avid Lincoln fan, I have read dozens of books throughout the years about what I believe to be the best president of all time and I was eager to see the film that critics have hailed as the most true-to-life story of the former president to date. 

Even though it was a longer film and I was exhausted having celebrated Halloween the day before, I sat riveted throughout the entire late night showing, as did everyone else in the packed theater.  There was just something special about the film that was apparent from the opening credits.  From the amazing cinematography to the darker and foreboding score, it was easy to get lost in the film.

Not to mention the amazing cast of characters that really brought the time period to life… starting with the eyebrows.  I was expecting another wonderful performance from Daniel Day-Lewis and his cohorts, but I really hadn’t anticipated the eyebrows – wild, bushy, blow-in-the-wind, sometimes styled eyebrows that stole the show. 

Lincoln movie
I guess for me it’s the little details you just can’t get in a textbook. 

In all regards, Daniel Day-Lewis nailed Lincoln to a degree that even I was surprised about.  From his stooped gait to his powerful yet gentle presence, this character is how I have always pictured Lincoln.  When he spoke, people listened, and I found myself hanging on his every word. 

And, even though I knew how the story ended as it’s based on the book Team of Rivals {oh, and history}, I still found myself fearful for this man in a divided nation in a time of war.  It’s just so hard to convey the varying degrees of opposition Lincoln faced using only text, and this was the first movie I’ve seen that really made it clear how close America came to splitting into two and allowing slavery to continue.  The opposition from every side and the long hard road even to convince his own party really brought this small snapshot of Lincoln’s life during the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to life.

Even if you aren’t a history buff or a huge Lincoln fan, I urge you to go see Lincoln in theaters this month.  Once you see LINCOLN on the big screen and get a real feeling for the man who made happen what many thought was impossible, I know you will quickly become a fan as well.  A film that’s destined to be shown in history classes for decades and studied from every critical angle, this is going to be an important film to see in our lifetime.

And, if all that’s not enough, go see it for the eyebrows.  Trust me.

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Leanne Signature 2I was provided complimentary tickets to the Seattle prescreening of LINCOLN but was not enticed to write this review in any way.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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