My Wonderful Walls: Forest Friends Wall Mural Stencil Kit

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was insistent that we finish the nursery before she arrived.  I spent hours moving around furniture, planning the décor, and finally, painting a mural in her room with my sister.  Unfortunately, my daughter arrived over 3 weeks early and we barely had time to get the mural started before my sister had to leave for Spain a few weeks later. 

When she returned from Spain 8 months later, I had a 9 month old and our creative time was very limited, so we never actually fully finished the forest mural we had intended and instead had more of a bare landscape with two large trees.  And, while it was beautiful, it always looked like it wasn’t quite finished. 

Painting the Tree Mural
I had always pictured forest animals frolicking under the trees, birds soaring through the skies, and cattails swaying in the breeze, and was hoping to one day make that happen.  But, with two little ones under 4, I’m sure you can imagine how much time I have for painting murals, so I was thrilled to find out My Wonderful Walls was going to give me the push I needed to make my finished wall mural a reality. 

With their easy wall mural stencil kits, you can simply stick, paint, and then reuse their self-adhesive stencils over and over again to create beautiful murals quickly and easily.  Since all that’s left in our mural are the details, I knew the My Wonderful Walls was the perfect solution to finishing the room up before my daughter moves out for college in 15 years. 

How to use self-adhesive wall stencils
After perusing all the many stencil kits, I finally decided on the Forest Friends Wall Mural Stencil Kit from My Wonderful Walls.  Not only did it have all the animals and details I had been hoping to add to our mural, it also had many more I hadn’t even thought of, but was excited to add to the room.  Just look at all these adorable animals and more that could make our mural amazing: 

My Wonderful Walls Forest Friends

After I chose the perfect stencil kit, I was really thrilled to see that they offered paint options as well so you can order literally everything you need right from the site.  As someone who has done numerous murals before, I always feel like we’re missing vital colors when it’s time to paint, so I love that you can order all the various shades and hues with one easy click and know you have everything you need ahead of time.  After taking a day to decide between the girl colors or the boy colors in my daughter’s room, we finally chose the girl paints and I placed my order.

My Wonderful Walls Forest Friends Wall Mural
Once the kit arrived, I couldn’t wait to get started.  The only hangup was that we are currently moving our daughter to her first “real” bed and getting her mattress off the floor, and I didn’t want all my hard work hidden behind the big four poster bed frame we are restoring, so I decided I would start on her opposite wall instead where her smaller tree is located.  Since this area is in between the door and the closet it’s a nice open spot that I know won’t get covered in furniture, so I decided this would be where many of the forest friends lived on her wall so they would be visible.  

Before mural
I quickly looked over the kit instructions, selected a stencil I loved, and merely stuck it to the wall, paying close attention that all the edges were firmly pressed down so paint wouldn’t sneak underneath.  Since our walls are textured, I was worried the self-adhesive stencils wouldn’t stick that well, but was pleasantly surprised.  Once I was sure it was stuck down good, all that was left was the fun part – painting!

And, that’s where My Wonderful Walls truly thought of everything.  Everyone knows that the character of a painted animal lies almost entirely in the eyes, but in most stencils, you are left filling in all the details blindly, positioning the eyes where you think they look best and then just going for it, but with My Wonderful Walls, they even made this process as simple as possible with their special transfer paper that you merely trace onto your walls so you get the eyes exactly as they were intended.

Fox on Wall Mural
Once you get all the details exactly as you want, you simply lift off the stencil and then you can reuse that again and again around the room, helping to make quick work of any mural.  And, again, as someone who paints murals for others, I really appreciate how much time and energy this saved me as I didn’t have to dream up each character in her forest and then research pictures online, draw it out on the wall, and then start painting – it was just as simple as sticking the adhesive and painting. 

In just a few short hours, we went from bland to magical and I had forest friends hiding around the base of our tree and playing in the meadows around the door.  Side note: this set actually comes with a tree so even if you have zero artistic ability, you can still create an amazing mural that you can be proud of.  Since I was using an existing tree and shelving system, I only needed a few animals and accessories to make it look complete, but I could have easily gone crazy and done the whole kit and it would have looked adorable.

After Fox in Wall Mural
Worried that you don’t even have enough artistic ability for stenciling or decorating a room that you can’t paint?  You will be happy to know that My Wonderful Walls has a whole line of self-adhesive vinyl wall decals you can merely peel and stick around your room.   

Whether you’re decorating a nursery or simply sprucing up a bedroom or playroom with a little color, My Wonderful Walls is the place to go for quality wall decals, stencils and wall art. You can shop by category or theme and there are great tips and videos on how to use the decals and stencil kits. When you're ready to buy, remember to use the code NGJ713 at check out for 15% off your order! 

And, a lucky Noise Girls fan will have a chance to win one of four room packages valued at up to $169.99 each during the My Wonderful Walls Giveaway Event! 
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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to the Noise Girls and to My Wonderful Walls for sending their Wall Mural Stencil Kit to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. All I can say is WOW! You are talented! I would never have been able to paint a tree like that! I have absolutely no artistic abilities! LOL The little fox looks like he’s as painted on as the tree is!

  2. Very cool! I have always wanted to paint a mural…using stencils of course because your artistic talent eludes me…and these stencils look like they would be really helpful! We just have to buy a house first. 😉 Thanks for the review!

  3. I adore what you did with the tree and the shadow boxes. I’ve been meaning to try to do something similar in my nonexistent free time.

  4. My son is now a 2yo and has twin 5mo brothers. My nursery walls are blue and just waiting for a tree and some forest friends!!!


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