CountryOutfitter Vintage Corral Boots in the City

When I first found CountryOutfitter through my friend Farrah over at The Three Under, the first thing I did was look for cowboy boots for the kiddos.  Even though they both already have cowboy boots, I was mostly looking for the next size up and loving all the various styles for kids that you just can’t find anywhere else. 

However, my husband caught me looking at the site and insisted I look at women’s boots instead of children’s.  Within minutes, he had a list of boots he loved – for me.  It took me a bit to come around to the idea but eventually I realized how right he was that my wardrobe was lacking some fun and funky vintage cowboy boots.

CountryOutfitter Boots
After a nearly an hour of shopping their site and dreaming of boots, we finally had it narrowed down.  I already knew I wanted square toe, so all that was left was choosing the boot height and the style, and we took that task very, very seriously.  With two vintage Corral boots topping the list, the debate of brown or black began and finally we made our choice, the Vintage Black Python Inlay boots by Corral Boots was it. 

And then as soon as I hit “send”, all I thought of was those beautiful boots.  But, as much as I was excited about them, I was a bit apprehensive as well and had a million questions that only seeing them in person would answer:  Would a city gal like me be able to pull them off?  Would I have anything to wear them with?  Would they be as comfortable as everyone says they are?

Corral Vintage Black Python BootsThank goodness they arrived just days later, as I was going a bit crazy in anticipation.  They actually arrived as we were packing up for BlogHer in NYC and even though I had an amazingly long to-do list that comes from taking a family of 4 from one coast to the other for over a week, I just had to open them up and peek.

And then even though I was still in my pajamas, I had to try them on.  Immediately, my concerns about them being uncomfortable were completely forgotten and I marveled at how worn-in they felt straight out of the box.  We’re talking no rubbing, no chaffing, nothing – just pure comfort. 

Seriously.  Up until this point I didn’t believe boots could ever be comfortable, even those designed for comfort, and here I was in square-toed, heeled cowboy boots and ready for anything, including packing and last-minute errands with the kiddos. 

Taking them off only to shower, I slipped them on afterwards over a favorite pair of jeans and turned to the only second opinion I had, my two young kiddos.  Thankfully, they both confirmed that mama was rockin’ those boots because at that point I was in love. 

Corral Boots in the City
I wore my Corral boots around the house a bit before I ventured out to get the mail, then to the beach, then to the grocery store, and by the time I got home, I seriously wanted to repack my bag for NYC to include these big ol’ boots.  Because not only are they totally fun, they are a conversation starter and everyone wants to talk about how awesome they are, try them on, and generally try and talk me out of them so they can steal them.

Knowing how fast I fell for them, you probably won’t be surprised to know that I couldn’t bear to leave them at home so soon after meeting.  That night while my family slept, I repacked my bag with a space for my Corral boots so I could bring them to the Big Apple, and then I repacked all my outfits so I would have something to wear them with.  Not crazy at all, right?

Okay, maybe a bit, but look how cute they are!

Corral Boots
If you think this is where the story gets bad and I talk of all the walking I did in NYC, the heat wave they were experiencing, and how I couldn’t stand to see the black Corral boots once we returned, you are wrong.  Yes, we did a ton of walking.  Yes, I wore the heck out of my boots.  But, even with all the walking and the heat, I have no regrets whatsoever for bringing my boots.  And, I’d do it again in a second.

For one, the boots remained insanely comfortable even after days of walking, which is more than I can say for any other pair of shoes I have ever brought to NYC.  Secondly, they were just so much fun to wear around NYC and I loved how many people would stop and ask about them.  It turns out boots aren’t just for going West, they actually did quite nicely on the East Coast, too – even if the only thing I was wrangling was toddlers.       

NYC in Boots
I would have never guessed it just a few short weeks ago, but it turns out I'm a cowgirl boots kind of gal.  I've worn my Corral boots numerous times now, including for a family photo shoot, a family vacation, and for long walks with the kids, and each time I manage to love them a little bit more than the last time. 

In fact, I love them so much that I went out and got straight leg jeans that are perfect for boots because I can tuck them in nicely to really showcase the boot design. Because, really, you can't cover up boots this cool.    

As well as making a believer out of me, I've brought about a resurgence of the cowgirl boot amongst friends and family.  And, thanks to CountryOutfitter, I can now direct them all to shop directly on their site where they can filter by boot height, toe shape, and style so they can easily find their perfect boot match, too.  I know their low prices and their amazing selection will have me returning over and over again and I'm happy to share the love!     

And Now For the Giveaway!
One lucky Rave & Review reader will win their favorite boots at CountryOutfitter {up to $150 value}!

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank to CountryOutfitter, a retailer of Corral boots, that sent me these Vintage Black Python Inlay boots to
review and a gift code to giveaway.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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  1. I am in love with these boots in red: Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Boot – Red Deertan. If I win I am surely getting them! Thanks for the chance! xo
    San D

  2. My favorites are the Women’s Dark Brown/Light Brown Truffle Overlay Boot! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  3. I love the women’s turquoise cortez/cream fleur de lis boot
    (my facebook name is Sandy Hill (the name I entered rafflecopter under))

  4. Wow, these boots Women’s Ranchbaby Square Toe Boot – Brown Rebel are gorgeous. Trendy, Youthful and HOT HOT HOT. ABSOLUTELY think these are divine. For the opportunity at the giveaway thanks 🙂
    eva urban

  5. I like
    Women’s Distressed Winged Heart Square Toe Boots – A1990
    What you need to know
    Corral Boots are made by the finest leather craftsmen in the world in the heart of North American boot making, Leon, Mexico. Made with the finest exotic material, these distressed tan square toe boots feature a red heart with blue inlayed wings on the front and back of the shaft, as well as, the toe and heel. Genuine leather lines the shaft, insole, and sole for comfort while rubber gripping on the heel and sole provides stability. Get noticed in these special winged heart inlay boots!
    •Distressed Tan Leather Foot & Shaft
    •Red Inlayed Heart w/ Blue Stitched & Inlayed Wings on Front & Back of Upper & Toe & Heel
    •11″ Height
    •Square Toe
    •Leather Lined Shaft
    •Cushioned Insole
    •Leather Outsole w/ Rubber Grips
    •1 3/4″ Walking Heel
    •Single Stitched Welt
    •Goodyear Welt Construction
    SKU: COR-A1990

  6. I love your cowboy boot story! I am going through the exact same right now: what color? What heel? What toe? Will they be comfortable? Your story has reassured me that I’m on the right track!


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