Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat {Review}

I wish someone had told me how many car seats I would eventually need to buy with two kids only two years apart in age.  From infant seats to travel systems to convertible and then booster, there’s more to this car seat gig than I originally realized.  But then this summer, when we finally got a working second car {yay!} we realized quickly that this would also mean going out and buying a whole new set of seats for the kiddos so we wouldn’t have to move them back and forth over and over {booo!} 

When looking to outfit our new-ish rig, I knew right away what brand of seat I wanted to get my son.  Having been a huge fan of the Britax Parkway SG booster and then adoring our Britax B-Ready Britax Boulevard Onyxstroller with a passion, we knew we wanted to stick within the brand and find a good big boy seat that can take my little guy all the way to booster seat. 

After checking out their site and looking at their vast selection of Britax car seats, I narrowed it down to convertible seats so I could keep him extended rear facing as long as possible.  After doing a bit of research and checking out each and every convertible car seat, I knew the Britax Boulevard 70 was perfect for us. 

But, with so many awesome convertible models to choose between, why choose the Britax Boulevard?

Easy install.  The LATCH system revolutionized installing car seats, making it so much simpler than it had ever been before, but the Britax Boulevard is by far the easiest seat we have ever installed {and, like I said, we’ve done this quite a few times}.  With their built in Lock-Off system that holds the vehicle seat belt in place until the vehicle seat belt has to do its job paired with their amazingly easy to use premium LATCH system, it made it easy to install the seat correctly without worry.  

Britax Boulevard
Seat adjustability. 
With my husband and I both being tall and with us both driving compact vehicles, we have a hard time fitting seats in our car without completely obliterating our legroom.  With the Britax Boulevard, it has numerous points of adjustability that allows it to comfortably fit rear facing behind even the driver’s seat in our car – something that is unheard of in all the other seats we’ve tried.  Not being forced to install the seat in the middle seat and squish both kids together in the backseat as well as giving us more visibility while driving has been a huge plus, especially for long car rides.  

Safety.  Britax is committed to child safety and this seat shows some of their best new technology.  From their True Side Impact Protection with energy absorbing EPP foam and head restraint to the SafeCell Technology in the base that compresses in a crash and significantly lowers the child’s center of gravity and even with integrated steel bars and an Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether, this seat has it all. 

While I’ve always been huge about car seat safety, my awareness of how much or little a car seat can do as far as protection became a very big concern after the kids and I were hit by a drunk driver in a freeway-speed car accident a few years back and now every seat is judged with a much keener eye.  With the Britax Boulevard I feel like I'm giving my little guy the safest ride possible, and nothing is more important to me.   
Britax seat installed
Peace of Mind. 
A safe seat does you no good if it’s not properly installed, adjusted, and secured around your child.  So, I love that Britax takes the worry out of car seat installation with numerous ways to make it easier than ever to buckle your kids in safely and securely even beyond the LATCH system. 

With a five point harness with a tangle-free design that even has features that prevent the child from sitting on their straps while getting into the vehicles, it’s incredibly easy to buckle quickly and correctly, which is especially important when you have more than one kid you’re traveling with.  Their quick adjust, no-rethread harness has lived up to its name and is one of the easiest we have ever used, allowing us to get the best fit for our kids even if they grow overnight {which they tend to do}.  To ensure that the chest pads are correctly placed, I love their HUGS chest pads with SafeCell technology that keep the chest buckle in the correct spot even with a wiggly toddler.  

Britax Boulevard In Car
Our kids are pretty easy going but they have opinions about car seats.  If they don’t like a seat they make it known to everyone around them, and the Britax is by far the favorite around here.  I’m really not surprised that my son loves it because even in extended rear facing mode it looks like a pretty sweet ride.  Part of this may stem from how many ways the seat adjusts to make your child as comfortable as possible but most of it is from the plush cushioning High Density Comfort Foam cover that provides an extra layer of padding to surround the seat.  Pair that with the two buckle positions that give you the best fit for your child as they grow and it definitely won out over our old seat neither child would ride in.  This comfort thing is all very important, because with a seat that goes all the way to 70 pounds, our son is going to be in it for a very, very long time. 

Of course this is just the highlight reel of features my family loved, but there’s plenty more reasons to check out the Boulevard 70 to see if it’s the right seat for your child, starting with the spec sheet {below} and all of its many add-on accessories

Britax Boulevard Specs
After having used the Britax Boulevard 70 seat for the past 3 weeks, we are more impressed than ever with the Britax brand.  With a seat this easy to install and with so many awesome safety features built in, it’s definitely the favorite amongst everyone who has installed it or buckled the kids into it.  But, with all the comfort features and the ways it grows with your child to give the best possible fit for your child, it’s also the favorite amongst the kiddos.    

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Britax promo
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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Britax for sending their Boulevard car seat to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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