Britax Parkway SG Belt Positioning Booster Seat

PKYSG_Cow_Small Moving your child from one car seat to the next is a very big deal and one that we don’t take lightly.  When shopping for a booster seat there were a few things we were looking for, the first of which was versatility, adjusting to fit a wide range of sizes so it could grow with our children.  The second thing we were looking for was side impact protection, as we appreciate that extra security for us and the extra comfort for kiddos. 

But the one thing that sold us on the Britax Parkway SG was a feature we didn’t even know we were looking for when we started our search.  That feature is the Secure Guard strap (the SG part of the Parkway) that prevents submarining.  Although this sounds like something aquatic, it really is just a fancy term for when children slide down in the seat due to a lack of belt anchor at the bottom.  Since we were moving from a 5 point restraint system to a booster, this was something I hadn’t even considered before but I really appreciate now.  

Secureguard In addition to preventing submarining, the SG strap also helps keep the seat belt in the proper position while still allowing your child freedom of movement.  The shoulder belt guide paired with the SG strap turns your standard 3 point lap belt into a four point harness and helps keep the car seatbelt along the strongest parts of a child’s body.  This helps keep them safe in an accident and minimizes abdominal injuries in a crash, a feature that really is paramount for us.

True-side-impact-protection The head restraint on the Parkway SG looks different than other boosters because it is – instead of a hard flat booster back, the Parkway SG wraps around the child’s head and provides superior comfort, keeps the neck and head in place when riding, and gives your little one a great place to rest their heads should they fall asleep.   

The Parkway SG fits children from 40lbs to 120lbs and up to 63”, a feature we love because it means we can utilize the seat as long as possible.  My hope is that we can keep our kids in boosters until they hit the height limit, which is safer than just buckling them in a traditional car seatbelt.

Quick-adjust-head-restraint Because my kids are all above the 90th percentile for height, I also love that the back of the Parkway SG has a large range of height adjustments.  Accommodating seated heights of 14 – 21.5 inches, the Parkway SG has an almost absurdly adjustable back.  In fact, I have a 24 year old sister who still could ride in this booster based on her seated height and her weight (sorry, sis).

Other features of the Parkway SG that are just icing on the cake are the built in cupholders that slide into the base when not in use and comfortable arm rests for little ones.  It also has color coded vehicle belt guides to help caregivers put the seatbelt in right the first time, a removable back that gives you the option of converting to a smaller and more portable booster, and a narrow footprint that allows you to fit three seats across in most vehicles. 

If you are looking for something more than the bare-minimum booster seats that line the shelves of most stores, you should definitely check out the Britax Parkway SG.  It has so many practical features that make this the most versatile and long-lasting booster we have found anywhere.  This ease of use paired with the fact that it is extremely comfortable for kids means you may actually use the Parkway SG for as long as experts recommend, which makes it worth every dollar. 

14 Features of the Parkway SG from the Britax website:

• Armrests help provide a secure fit and a comfortable place to rest tired arms
• Color-Coded Vehicle Belt Guides indicate the path and positioning of the vehicle lap and shoulder seat belt
• Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) absorbs and distributes crash forces
• Narrow Footprint is ideal for 3-across seating
• High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion your child
• Removable Back allows the booster seat to easily convert to a backless booster while maintaining safety of SecureGuard
• Cup Holders are designed to hold sippy cups, soda cans, and water bottles
• 120-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort as your child grows
• MSRP (USD) $119.99

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  1. I learned that the Britax Parkway SG Belt Positioning Booster Seat has True Side Impact Protection that distributes crash forces and keeps the head, neck and spine in alignment in the event of a side impact. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. I learned about the use of a secure guard on the parkway model. I never knew that without this technology the seat belt would become a hazard to my child. I hope Britax makes these secure guards available to fit older models of their products so we wouldn’t have to replace all our booster seats, as we have more than one child in that weight/height range.

  3. I learn that it has the Secure Guard clip feature to ensure proper position and it creates 4 anchor point to prevent sumarining

  4. I learned that the booster has a safety guard to protect the child from submarining in the case of an accident. This helps protect against internal injuries.

  5. i learned that it has the Secure Guard clip feature to ensure proper position and it creates 4 anchor point to prevent sumarining , which i had never heard of but it prevents internal injuries if you have a crash, that is GREAT
    staceyx at telus dot net

  6. I learned that a seatbelt can actually harm your child if not positioned correctly. I love that Britax has addressed this and made it easy (even for kids themselves) to position the seatbelt correctly. I’m also a huge fan of Britax’s true side impact protection- heads are aligned and supported in the event of a crash.
    msuarez919 at yahoo dot com

  7. I’ve never heard of submarinng but was shocked to learn that if the slack is not taken out of the belt the child could slide under the lap portion of the belt causing serious injury.
    [email protected]

  8. I learned that it has the Secure Guard clip feature to ensure proper positioning, and it creates 4 anchor point to prevent submarining… I had never heard of this! What great info.

  9. I learned about submarining and the dangers it can cause in a crash and Britax’s secure guard technology that prevents submarining

  10. I learned about the side-impact protection and the anti-submarining (I knew what that was–I just didn’t realize that’s what it was called).
    I’m a first-time grandma and I would love to win this so I’d have a booster seat in my car for my grandson.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I like PTPA Media Inc. (you may want to change your link–it went to the wrong place) and Britax on Facebook

  12. I learned that this boaster seat allows more free movement for the child. I also goes across the strongest part of the child. They also have an anti-submarine enhancement that prevents the seat beat to do damaage to a child during an accident. Pretty impressive.

  13. That the placement of the seatbelt is almost as important as just USING one. If placed incorrectly, there is danger to the child.

  14. I learn about the True Side impact protection which helps keep the neck, head and spine in true alignment in the event of a crash.

  15. I see that it’s important not to have any slack in the belt or it will ride up too high to keep the child safe!

  16. I learned about the side impact technology, and how it helps keep kids safer in the event of a side impact, by wrapping around their head. I also love the extra safety belt attachment to prevent submarining.

  17. I watched the video and learned about the SG technology. I had never heard of the secure guard system and find it very interesting.

  18. I learned that the secure guard clip keeps the lap belt from causing internal injuries if in an accident.
    N_Tarpley2004 at yahoo dot com

  19. the booster has a safety guard is an excellent to protect the child from submarining in the case of an accident. And learning how important the seat belt to be positioned properly.

  20. I learned the SG strap prevents submarining and also helps keep the seat belt in the proper position while still allowing freedom of movement.

  21. I learned that True Side Impact Protection distributes crash forces and keeps the head, neck and spine in alignment in the event of a side impact. That’s a huge deal.
    I would love to win this, my little girl is just growing out of her baby seat.

  22. I learned that as an older child has more freedom of movement and can reach for a toy when not in a 5-point harness, it also puts them out of position to compromise their safety. The Britax Secure-Guard clips the belt low to keep it at the low level across the childs abdomen and from riding up and causing injury in the event of an accident like an ulcerated liver.
    billdebstanton at hotmail dot com

  23. I learned that the seatbelt can become a hazard to my child if not positioned the right way… it kind of scares me. Good to know too!

  24. I learned that the Britax Parkway Booster Seat has Side Impact Protection that it distributes crash forces and keeps the head and neck safe. Great giveaway, thanks.

  25. I learned about how the Secure Guard clip prevents kids from sliding under the lap belt and getting internal injuries during an accident. Such a simple solution…wish all boosters had this!

  26. I learned that the Britax Parkway SG has TRUE side impact protection that protects the child’s head, neck and spine in case of a side impact collision!
    Great giveaway! 😀

  27. i learned that it has the Secure Guard clip feature to ensure proper position and it creates 4 anchor point to prevent submerging.

  28. I learned that the Britax Parkway SG Belt Positioning Booster Seat has a secure guard to prevent kids from sliding down the seat.

  29. I learned it has side impact protection.This is great if hit from the side in an accident.Thanks!

  30. I learned that they are providing the Secure Guard to help with correct belt placement and a 4 point anchor to prevent submarining.

  31. I learn that it has the Secure Guard clip feature to ensure proper position and it creates 4 anchor point to prevent sumarining, thanks!

  32. I learned it has SecureGuard to prevent the child from sliding under the lap belt portion of the safety belt (submarining) during impact.

  33. I learned from watching the video that “submarining” can happen in an auto crash if the seatbelt slips when a child is using her newfound freedom of movement (such as playing with a sibling or grabbing something from another seat). This “submarining” during a crash due to a seatbelt that has slipped down over the pelvis/hips can result in liver lacerations and other injuries.

  34. once the secure guard is properly in place it creates a 4th anchor point between the childs legs preventing submarining

  35. I learned that the parkway uses secure guard to ensure that the child stays put and the belt stays on the hips where it is safest.

  36. I learned about the true side impact protection that evenly distributes force and keeps head aligned during crash.

  37. I learned that if the belt is too loose or gets loose then the child can submarine. Theyhave the extra secure clip to prevent the belt from coming loose
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  38. Please remove the above comment, sorry!
    The Secure Guard keeps the child in the proper position and prevents submarining.

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