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It’s been a few years now since my daughter got her first doll, the Classic Corolle Bebe Do {lovingly named Cora}, and her love for that baby goes beyond anything else in her room or toybox.  In the months since she fell for Cora, she’s been given all sorts of baby accessories and even new Corolle friends and the impact they have made on her is nothing short of amazing.

Bebe amourIn fact, in the past few years Corolle Dolls have taught her how to walk, potty trained her, gone with her off to school and prepared her for her biggest role – as a big sister.  This past month my daughter took another big step with Corolle with the addition of the Bebe Amour to her collection, her first life-size baby doll.  Since she took to dolls at such a young age, many of the dolls she has are the smaller Corolle dolls, meant for younger children.  But, because this year has been a big year of growth for my daughter and she has gone from my baby to a full-fledged preschooler that writes her name, helps with chores, and is an amazing big sister, we knew we wanted to get her something else in the Corolle line that was perfect for her age and stage.

Bebe Amour DollThe Corolle Bebe Amour was an easy decision for us, partly because our daughter has been carrying around a picture of her in her wallet for months now, and partly because the Bebe Amour is just so incredibly cute.  Just look at her chubby little cheeks, her flair to spare, and her realistic little hands and feet and I dare you not to fall for her.  And, oh boy, did my daughter fall for her.  She loves her so much, in fact, that she named the baby after herself.  Yes, the Bebe Amour is the first doll in her collection to take on her name, which I think is a little girl’s rite of passage. 

Of course, them having the same name leads to a lot of fun as I pretend to get them confused and my daughter inevitably ends up laughing “I’m not the baby doll!”  In my defense, though, it is rather confusing because Bebe Amour is actually wearing the same clothes my daughter wore all those years ago.  The Bebe Amour is the size of a 3 month old baby, which means she can wear all those sentimental baby clothes that I couldn’t bear to part with after my daughter outgrew them.  The 3-6 month clothing has a special significance for me as my daughter wore that size for nearly 9 months, and as you can imagine, we became very attached to all of her wardrobe.

Bebe Amour Doll DayI was always hoping that I could find something special to do with the sentimental  baby clothing and I can’t think of anything more special than her beloved baby doll wearing them as well.  I love that now those clothes will mean just as much to her as she will look back and remember all the time spent lovingly dressing her in her special clothes.  And, I smile every time I see Bebe Amour wearing that special dress my daughter wore to meet her great-grandfather the first time or the hoodie we got in Spain during my daughter’s first international trip.

In addition to putting the sentimental clothing to good use right when I’m collecting up my son’s for storage, there’s also an added bonus in getting the Bebe Amour while my son is still young so that my daughter’s baby doll can enjoy the same baby accessories I use for my son.  For this reason, the Bebe Amour would be my top pick for a child with a sibling on the way.  How IMG_0530cool is it that we can share a bouncy chair, a swing, a playpen, a high chair and my daughter really feels like she’s a little mama using the real baby gear right along with me?

After having been my little helper for the past year, I knew she was ready for her own special baby that she could take care of when I take care of her brother, but even I was surprised by how much she adores her “big girl” doll.  She’s taken to the doll like you would a real baby and she sleeps with her, takes her everywhere with us, and loves to feed, dress, and play with her. 
Yet again, Corolle has been with us through an important stage and we can add this to the list of milestones that have been made more fun with the addition of a best friend from the Corolle line. 

Check out the Corolle website to see all the wonderful holiday presents you could wow your little one with.  From their sweet vanilla-scented dolls to their accessories and classic nursery pieces, the Corolle site has everything a little girl could want.  I know I've said it before, but be sure and like the Corolle Facebook page, too.  Not only does Corolle respond personally to comments and questions, they have amazing monthly giveaways that you can enter right on their page!

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Corolle, our favorite doll company, for once again sending us a best friend to love.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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