J.L. Childs Dragon Tails Hybrid Sunglasses {Review and Q&A}

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PICT3036 When my wife first told me she had a new pair of sunglasses for me to try out, I was pretty excited as I think most guys would be.  But if I’d known then what I was getting I would have been a lot more so.  You see, one of the aspects I love most about reviewing products is the chance to see the design and innovation in new products, but this is especially true when it comes to products that you would think are as advanced as they could be, like sunglasses.

With the Dragon Tails from J.L. Childs, first and foremost you get a great pair of sunglasses.  With UV400 rated lenses you will be sure to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s rays, and their wrap around shape means you have a full field of view. But the details beyond those are where it gets fun. 

Besides protecting you from the sun, those lenses are ANSI Z87.1 certified, which means you are protected from impacts as well.  I bet you {like me} hadn’t even thought of all the situations where that would be great to have.  For instance, hiking, biking, or rock climbing where branches or debris may be flying, as well as hunting, water skiing or other outdoor activities. 

IMG_262_grande But, even more practical is that you can wear them in situations where safety glasses are required, which is great on outdoor job sites for construction or industrial settings or even just doing yard work.  This has been great for me as I no longer have to switch back and forth from my sunglasses to safety glasses as I move around for work, especially since my safety glasses aren’t tinted at all and are horrible for bright and sunny days. 

IMG_0228_grande At this point the skeptics are saying something about “sure, they would protect you… if they don’t just get knocked off,” and that is where some more innovation comes in.  The standard arms of the glasses can be easily removed and replaced with an adjustable elastic band, essentially turning them into goggles.  To keep this as comfortable as possible and to protect your eyes even more, the Dragon Tails come with a full surround cushion that snaps into place to complete this transition.  Of course, you can leave the padding on in sunglass form as well if you wish, but I typically remove it before wearing as sunglasses. 

IMG_0076_grande Besides the lenses being super tough, the frames are made out of TR-90 plastic which is virtually indestructible, much to my son's dismay.  As someone who has broken a few pairs of glasses by forgetting they were in my pocket or stuffing them into my luggage at the airport, I can definitely appreciate that.

Here's a little Q&A that I did with John Child's this past week talking about the glasses, his vision, and the future of Dragon Tail Sunglasses:

  1. How did Dragon Tails get its start?  It started from when I lost my eyewear climbing in Boulder Canyon and thought that I need climbing sunglasses that not only can protect my eyes but also will not fall off my face on my favorite climbs.
  2. What makes your glasses unique?  Dragon Tails are safety rated, can transform to goggles for when you are skiing, and also have a unique design to wrap around your head for when you are doing activities like climbing or skiing.
  3. Who are Dragon Tails Sunglasses for? The active, athletic individual who needs a durable, secure eyewear for their active lifestyle.
  4. What do you see next for Dragon Tail?  A new design that incorporates some feedback I've gotten from customers.  Hopefully the second version will supercede the first!

Some cool facts about Dragon Tail Sunglasses:
•    Free Shipping and Free Returns if You Aren't Happy
•    100% Money Back Guarantee
•    10% Profits Donated to the World Wildlife Fund

Find out more at http://jlchildsoutfitters.com/ and at their Facebook and Twitter pages!  P.S. Show them some love on their social networking sites when you get a moment, they need some good followers and fans on both pages!

Tyler A big thank you to Dragon Tail Sunglasses for this review opportunity.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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