Safe n’ See Digital Video Baby Monitor from Levana

Video monitors may have started out as a niche or superfluous item years ago, but they have since become one of the most essential items for all new parents.  After years of baby surveillance using over 4 video monitors, we have finally found the most intelligent of the bunch, the Safe n' See™ Digital Video Baby Monitor from Levana.  Besides being a video monitor, the Levana Safe n’ See has a whole list of features that I simply don’t know how we lived without.

Main Yes, you can argue that video monitors are unnecessary, but as someone who has used both audio and video monitors in the past, I can honestly tell you they have become essential to me.  Having the video monitor has made me worry less as a parent, knowing that I can see them any time I want without having to tiptoe into the nursery.  Now I can check on the kiddos and their surroundings quickly and quietly without disturbing them, which I think makes us all a whole lot more relaxed, and gives us all more sleep – two things that all new parents could use more of.    

With a list of features on their site that make this seem more like high tech video equipment and less like a simple baby monitor, I was really excited to check it the Safe n’ See Digital Baby Monitor in person and see how it performed.  I’m a few weeks in to our use and I can tell you that I’ve never seen a more high-tech baby gadget, ever, and in every way it has lived up to its claims.

Vibration The biggest claim of the Levana Safe n’ See is that you can use it up to 450ft away, which I am happy to report gives me full run of the whole house while baby and toddler are sleeping, as well as onto my front and back porch easily. It also boasts a large screen that offers a really clear digital image of the nursery in daylight and night vision automatically, a fully rechargeable monitor that gives up to 4 hours of continuous use, as well as a handy display for the temperature in the room to help keep baby safe and comfortable. 

This was also the first monitor we had tried out that has a talk-to-baby intercom.  For babies this is useful for soothing and comforting without risking stepping into the room, and for toddlers this is useful because you are able to supervise remotely and actually converse with your child from another room without yelling. Something I really liked was that you can turn on a gentle night light and/or choose 5 soothing lullabies that you can control directly from the parent unit with a simple push of a button.  Just tell me that’s not a feature you would pay extra for?

Noise_level_indication Because the monitor has such a clear picture with its ClearVu® Digital Wireless Technology, I love that it is dual purpose;  You can crank the volume up and bask in the sound of baby’s every breath or, you can lower the volume and just keep a watchful eye on your little one, silently.  Because it has LED noise level indication lights that can tell us how loud baby {or toddler} is being, we actually use it more often with the sound down so we can savor the silence with full peace of mind.  If you prefer, you can also turn on the sound-activated vibration that causes the parent unit to vibrate whenever any noise is detected from baby.

Wall_mount If you’re like me and appreciate items that can truly grow with you and your family, you will also love that this system is completely expandable and can be used for babies as well as toddlers.  Unlike most audio baby monitors that are basically useless after your little one is able to move freely, the Levana Safe n’ See will be perfect for keeping an eye on the kids in their rooms or in the playroom for years.  Obviously, you won’t be going far away from the kiddos and wouldn’t use the video camera as a babysitter, but it would be incredibly useful for when you need to put dinner into the oven without worrying they were climbing the walls.

Another thing that completely sealed the deal for me?  The Levana 24/7 Lifetime Live Customer Support.  Their customer support team can be reached by phone 24/7 or by email and live web chat services, so you always have access to an expert when you really need it at

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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Levana for this post opportunity.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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