Get Ready for Fall with prAna Clothing and Activewear

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 33

W2LUCI310_PORT Outdoorsy is not the first word that comes to mind when people think of me.  Yes, I do love being outside and enjoying nature, but I certainly don’t dress the part.  prAna is a company that was designed with me in mind, because although the clothing and accessories are very much real outdoorsy gear, you would never know it if you looked at them.

Instead of designing for functionality without considering fashion, prAna clothing is truly the best of both worlds.  One quick look at their website and I basically fell in love with W2GIAT311_CHARCOALnearly everything the company makes.  We’re talking flouncy skirts, flirty tops, heathered hoodies, stylish and edgy jackets, and more that all are begging for a world trip, a weekend away, or even just to wear to a bonfire.

As a Northwest native, I see more than my fair share of outdoorsy clothing each year, but rarely do I find a company like prAna that pulls together mountain retreat attire, travel comfort and sportswear without ever coming across as too casual for everyday wear.  Instead of the standard washed out cotton clothing typically marketed to women in outdoor shops, I was really surprised to find a whole catalogue of clothing that was truly stylish as well as still being functional and comfortable. 
In fact, the prAna website and catalogue looks nothing like an outdoor shop, but rather just looks like a popular women’s clothing catalogue.  The prAna line showcases a wide range of products from a huge variety of styles, and they just so happen to make really awesome outdoor-friendly clothing.  Since I do a lot of traveling in the summer and fall, I love that the prAna styles are perfect for at home or away.  Since most of their styles can either be dressed up or down, I found they are the perfect solution for when your day takes you from babies to meetings and back, and one of the main reasons they are my go-to line when I’m looking for something special for myself. 

Speaking of special things for myself, I was overjoyed when I got to try out the Mandie Hoodie and the Molly Skirt this past season.  I instantly fell in love with each for their simple, go anywhere designs that are 1496278-p-DETAILEDas versatile as they are adorable.  I ended up wearing the hoodie and skirt all over Washington and California and I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got on them over the last few weeks.  Whether I was hanging out on an island or two, attending park play dates, biking, or even in business meetings, wearing the prAna clothing was always spot on. 

After trying these two prAna pieces, I am so lusting over their Toni jacket in black {see left}.  It’s a perfect combination of edgy and urban with outdoorsy and fun and I’ve got it on my wishlist this season.  Wouldn't it be absolutely perfect for chilly fall nights around town or weekends away with the family?
As much as I love prAna, what’s really surprising is that my husband and I both can shop there.  While he tends towards the more outdoorsy clothing and gear and I tend towards the urban clothing and accessories, prAna is our common  denominator.  He got to try out a prAna piece this season and he chose the Whiskey short sleeve button down because he loved the little details that made it stand out in his sea of plaid shirts.  It has also made it on numerous vacations with us throughout the summer and it still remains one of his favorite shirts into fall.       
Whether you are athletic and active or urban and chic, you are bound to find numerous items in the prAana line that are perfect for around town or  wherever your travels take you.  Shop as well as locally where you can take in all their adorable styles and get the perfect look for fall.  BONUS: If you are looking for a great discount on some great prAna clothing, you  can even check out and see all the great deals going on right now!

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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to prAna for sending some of their line to be reviewed.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received for this very rave review.  We just love prAna!

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