Take Spring Cleaning to the MAX with Dirt Devil

Here in the Northwest we got a bit of a late start on spring, but the upside of this is its meant we have been given more time to spring clean and get ready for the approaching warm weather.  Unlike most people, I look forward to Spring-cleaning each year.  It’s a sense of relief and excitement to purge the old {and thus, bring in the new!}.  This spring I was even more excited to clean now that I have the Dirt Devil Total Vision vacuum to help me!
Www.dirtdevil.com There’s a good reason we’ve been raving about Dirt Devil twice this year – first with the review of the PressureFlex Pressure Washer, and now with the Total Vision Vacuum – because the Dirt Devil name is synonymous with clean.  From small stick and hand vacs all the way to their more powerful uprights and then to their line of outdoor cleaning tools, Dirt Devil has you covered for Spring-cleaning and all year round.  We got to try out the Dirt Devil Total Vision vacuum these past few weeks and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product and its performance. 

With surprising suction power for such a sleek lightweight model, even my dogs’ hair was no match!  This must be the result of the Cyclonic-Filtration and 10 amps of power.  It beat out my previous vacuums power 2 times over and with half the weight and absolutely no maintenance parts to purchase in the future. 

The 5 position height settings allowed me to transition from my carpets, to area rugs and even to my hardwoods to catch anything the broom might have left behind.  Any non-flat surface is covered, too; there is a 120" long hose with 4 additional on-board attachments (wand, dusting brush, crevice tool and turbo tool). 

A deep clean at different heights and for different materials is essential in a vacuum for my household- and that is just what I got with the Dirt Devil Total Vision.  With little ones rolling around on my carpets playing, sleeping, and unfortunately, eating, having the peace of mind Dirt Devil offers is absolutely essential for me and my family.
My favorite features of the Total Vision were the rinse able HEPA filter and the bag less design.  I love not having to plan trips to replace any parts on my vacuum or buy special bags.  Instead I can simply empty the canister and rinse out the filter as needed!  And, a really cool feature I love is the built in performance monitor that tells me when this is needed, so I don’t even have to think about it!

The Dirt Devil Total Vision vacuum should really be everyone’s first buy for this spring.  Whether you are a single person living alone, a house filled with roommates or a family from 3 to 10, this vacuum will give you a deep clean at an extremely reasonable price… And best of all, once you have the machine you’ll need no other parts!
With the release of Dirt Devil’s Spring-cleaning tips, they’ve got some really great ideas to help you speed up your cleaning, inspire you to go green, and keep your family healthy year-round:

•    Out With The Old, In With The New – Spring is a great time to toss out old toiletries. Toothbrushes need replacing every three months and bath sponges and loofahs should be replaced every 30 days. Check your cabinets for expired medicines and restock as needed.
•    Bring The Spring Indoors – To help cut cleanup time as spring arrives, use placemats that can be wiped down instead of a cloth table covering that requires laundering. Also, if your kitchen table is clean, it will be less likely to be a landing pad for mail and other clutter. As a finishing touch, place a bowl of seasonal fruit or a vase of fresh flowers on the table.
•    Clean Top to Bottom – When cleaning, start from the highest point in a room and move down, so any dust stirred up can be vacuumed at the end. Vertical surfaces like walls can collect dust, too, especially if they’re textured.
•    De-Funk Your Fabrics – Use spring time as a reminder to wash mattress pads, pillow coverings and pillows from your bed and remember to flip and rotate your mattress. Take this time to vacuum the box spring with a new Total Vision™ by Dirt Devil® that has onboard tools and a hose for a quick convenient fix to household tasks.
•    Revamp Your Vac – Spring-cleaning is the perfect time to check belts and filters on your vacuum. This is the best way to insure efficient performance and machine life. It’s a good idea to always have a spare belt and filter on hand. Spring is also a good time to stock up on bags (if you have a bagged model)!
•    Take it Outside – Indoor surfaces aren’t the only ones that need to be refreshed. Before setting up your patio or deck for warmer weather, get it clean with the new PressureFlex™ 2-in-1 from Dirt Devil. It offers dual functionality so while one person is washing the car, mats, and wheelbase the other can be sucking up all the wet mess from the mats with the on-board wet/dry vac.
•    Wardrobe Update – Clean all winter outfits and place in airtight plastic containers to avoid mothballs. Do not hang sweaters or clothes on hangers for an extended period of time or they could lose shape. Store clothes in a clean, cool, dark and dry space.
•    Family Fun – Have everyone in your family clean out their closet and rooms, then host a family garage sale. Allow your kids to keep the money from their stuff to encourage them to get rid of clothes and toys they don’t use anymore.
•    Speedy Spring Cleaning – To avoid spen
ding too much time cleaning on the weekends, make sure you are picking up messes on the fly. Check out the new Dirt Devil Power Air™ Cyclonic Stick Vac that is a sleek, lightweight, yet powerful cleaner perfect for quick pickups on hard floors.

Be sure to visit dirtdevil.com for more information and where to buy and connect with Dirt Devil on Facebook!  And, right now you can enter Red10FS at DirtDevil.com to get 10% off + Free Shipping!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

Katie Signature A big thank you to Dirt Devil for this review opportunity and for sending their Spring Cleaning Tips to share.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I love Spring Cleaning, too! It’s the perfect time to set aside time for clearing out clutter, cleaning house, and getting ready for summer!

  2. Love Dirt Devil we have a vacum the size
    of a dust buster we purchased 10
    years ago and it still works! Hope if you have
    a giveaway it will be open to Canada!


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