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Safety is something we don’t take lightly here at Rave Central.  This is why we have been RECARO fans long before we ever had kids.  Long hailed as the leader in premium factory and aftermarket seats and used in racing cars throughout the world, RECARO has made seats for serious drivers who care about safety for over a hundred years. 

Proride_04 When I found out RECARO also makes premium car seats for infant and beyond, I immediately put it on my list of things to research.  Whereas a lot of products may be chosen for purely aesthetic reasons, the RECARO ProRIDE was ultimately chosen because of something much more important – my son’s comfort and safety. 

The Recaro ProRIDE has many unique features that allow it to grow with your child from infancy until they are booster seat ready.  Offering one of the highest weight limits of any convertible seat we’ve ever seen {a whopping 70 pounds!} and a deeper, taller seat than most, the RECARO ProRIDE allows you the most options for your littlest passengers as well as the most comfortable ride – whether that is rear or forward facing. 

If you take a look down the car seat aisle of your local department store or baby center you will see a huge difference in the design of rear facing seats as compared with forward facing seats.  Generally speaking, rear facing seats are plush and deluxe, with a padded cocoon of safety around your child that offers not only the best protection for your little one, but also the most plush accommodations while forward facing seats are typically fairly minimal in design and only slightly padded.  Because of this, I tend to gravitate to convertible seats that go from rear to forward facing as it gives the best of both worlds.

D935e9454b As my son started creeping ever closer to outgrowing his removable infant seat, we decided that we would search everywhere for a convertible seat that would allow him to sit rear facing as long as possible and then offer the same comfort and luxury once forward facing – and that led us to RECARO.  The RECARO ProRIDE Convertible Seat looks like those super deluxe and padded infant seats, but can last him until he is fully ready for a backless booster seat. 

This luxury is apparent at first glance as you note the padded cover, removable plush seat pad, soft strap covers, and the all-important side impact protection head restraint that wraps around the seat to cradle your little one.  Then, once you take a closer look, you see an extremely high attention to detail that gives you numerous luxury options standard. 

Other luxury features include a naturally reclined seat, which is crucial if drive time ever coincides with naptime, and also a great extended recline that you can adjust the angle of the seat with one tug of a handle.  The fabrics of the RECARO are also top of the line, with a super soft velvety feel that make you want to rest your head against it, but still remain kid-tough and spot camouflaging. 

Some other really cool features I found after we got to play with the seat up close and in person are that those little special air pillows, or "wings", are adjustable to an infinite number of positions thanks to a dial adjustment that can be done easily and without rethreading the car seat straps.  Everyone knows that the day you notice your kid is too big for the strap and height settings on your car seat is the day that you are running late to that really important meeting, so I love that adjustments can be made quickly and easily. 

Recaro Proride
Another feature we love are the seatbelt clamps that secure the car’s seat belt in the correct position when forward facing.  What makes these really cool is the fact that they are incredibly easy to do, which is awesome if you switch vehicles frequently, and the fact that they lock incredibly tightly, so the seat won’t be moving once set in place and secured.  When you compare this to other seats that simply offer a seat belt “guide” that the seatbelt has plenty of room to move around in and allows for possible slipping and sliding, the difference is clear. 

  Adding to the ease of install is the color-coded installation instructions in the User Guide in order to distinguish between forward and rear facing configurations, a handy level line, and picture instructions on the seat back that can help caregivers install the seat correctly the first time.  And, because I love a well-designed seat, I truly adore the fact that the ProRIDE has an attached pocket to store the latch strap in between uses and a special spot for latch attachments to keep the seat straps from looking messy and getting tangled.  It even has two small “ProRIDE_Envy_Rightharness pockets” that help you keep your child’s straps from twisting, turning, and always coming to rest in a wild mess in the seat, which is a pet peeve of mine.

But, all other features aside, what I ultimately fell in love with were the pillow "wings" that cradle the head, which just might be the signature distinction of the RECARO ProRIDE.  Padded with real automotive PUR foam for added comfort and safety, they are positioned to protect the most vulnerable areas of a child’s body in the event of a collision.  This paired with its high crash test ratings and optimum side impact protection made the decision to go with RECARO quite easy.  For me, it all came down to the fact that the seat offered superior safety features to protect against head on and side impact crashes and it completely sold me on the ProRIDE.

Clearly RECARO’s 100 plus years of making safe and comfortable seats translates well to their children’s line as well as their full size seats.  From premium features to enhanced safety measures, RECARO truly has you covered for every stage from infant and beyond. 

292715b84b The RECARO Pro Series ProRIDE retails for $279.99 and can be used rear facing (5-35lbs) and forward facing (20-70lbs).

Find out more at or visit their Child Safety page for the US {here}
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Leanne Signature 2 Thank you to RECARO and BSM Media for sending the ProRIDE to review as well as offering a giveaway to our fabulous readers.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. I learned that Recaro knows all when it comes to all types of seats… who knew they also make airline seats?!

  2. I learned that they haveover one hundred years of experience in the development and production of seats for premium automobiles, race car seats and first class airline seats.

  3. Visited Recaro and I learned about the various car seats available, I found an online dealers inclue Target, BuyBuyBaby and JC Penney. I looked at the product selection and really like the Recaro Proride in Midnight Microfiber
    [email protected]

  4. I learned from their webpage that they “have over 100 years of history of designing seats for the world’s most prestigious automobiles, race cars and award winning child safety restraints.” I did not know that!

  5. I learned that the have importers control distribution in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

  6. they put an high impact on economical handling of the resources and environmental protection. It is an ethical obligation to bring economics and ecology terms in agreement.

  7. I learned that The first RECARO sport seat was introduced in 1965, and in motor racing, the company quickly became a recognized brand name.

  8. Wow, I always thought Recaro manufactured child safety seats, but I learned they manufacture airplane seating, home and office seating, and automobile seating as well. No wonder they know their stuff.

  9. I like that RECARO has been around for more than 100 years and looking at their time line and all the things they have accomplished.

  10. After visiting their website, I’m impressed. And I learned that part of the company’s philosophy is “understanding tradition as an innovative force and exposing even the most mature products to changing times determines the actions of the company and its employees”.

  11. I learned they’ve been around for over 100 years…my husband has Recaro seats in his car and loves them so I know it’s a good company 🙂

  12. I learned that RECARO the global leader in high-end automotive seating, with a big injection of fun and excitement for children.

  13. I learned that Recaro has over 100 years in seat making experience and “Every RECARO child car seat is designed with the added advantage of our auto racing safety expertise, automotive seating and ergonomic comfort knowledge.”

  14. i learned
    Today RECARO operates from headquarters in Kirchheim as an independent member within the internationally active Keiper Recaro Group, which has more than 7.500 employees in 30 locations

  15. The success story of the present RECARO company began in 1906 in Stuttgart, as the 32-year old master saddler Wilhelm Reutter founded the company “Reutter, Wilhelm, Saddler. Spezialitat: Luxus- und Motorwagen, englische Geschirre” (Specialities: Luxury and Motor Vehicles, English Ware). Reutter quickly made a name for itself in the up-and-coming automobile industry which was largely positioned in Stuttgart: Bosch, Maybach and Daimler were the big names which wrote history and laid the building blocks for the present location of mobility, Stuttgart

  16. I learned the foundation for the present company was laid in 1963, as RECARO was formed as a play on words – Reutter and CAROsserien (coaches).

  17. I found out that they manufacture the same seats that the Porsche uses. How cool is that! Thanks for hosting a great contest 🙂

  18. I learned that Reutter produced coaches for Daimler-Benz, Horch, and companies that have long been forgotten. Not to be forgotten were other icons of the automobile industry with whom Reutter was closely involved.

  19. I learned that the company has its roots in a German Master Saddler and has evolved through the years.

  20. I learned RECARO has been around over 100 years that tells me that they are one of the best safety & desginers of carseats… I am glad you guys are having a give way I hope I Win but if I dont I will be buying my grandson one of RECARO Carseats for sure!¡!=}

    [email protected]

  22. The success story of the present RECARO company began in 1906 in Stuttgart, as the 32-year old master saddler Wilhelm Reutter founded the company “Reutter, Wilhelm, Saddler.

  23. I learned that they have been around for more than 100 years! That’s impressive! And what’s more they make seats for motor racing!

  24. They make seats for automobiles, race cars and award winning child safety restraints…love these!!!

  25. Recaro has been designing for the world’s most prestigious cars as well as race cars. It is also an international recognized leader in seating safety as well as ergonomics, comfort and style

  26. I learned that
    RECARO introduced the first seat with integrated seatbelt.
    RECARO produced their first “airline passenger seat”.

  27. I learned that the company began in 1906 in Stuttgart, Germany, and that their philosophy includes process stability combined with ecological ethics. Thanks!

  28. I learned that RECARO is part of the Keiper Recaro Group, which has earned itself a worldwide reputation for automobile and aircraft “mobile seat solutions

  29. I liked you on facebook! And I learned from the RECARO site, that in 1971 RECARO introduced the first seat with integrated seatbelt. WOW this company, sure knows what’s it’s doing having been around for over 100 years starting in 1906. Very interesting story and founder. Thanks for allowing me to learn more.

  30. i learned that they make seats for boats which is great as my boyfriend just purchased a fixer-upper.

  31. I like that RECARO looks at economics and ecology in the production of their products. As a non-profit environmental professional, this is what I look for in my purchases.

  32. I learned that the Recaro Company began in 1906 in Stuttgart as the 32 year old Saddler Master Wilhelm Reutter founded the company.

  33. After visiting the site, I learned that Recaro puts a high impact on economical handling of the resources and environmental protection. Very nice!

  34. Many drivers and teams have trusted in RECARO seats
    for many years:
    Ford in WRC
    VW (e.g. at the Rallye Dakar)
    BMW in WTCC
    Mini Challenge in Germany
    As a supplier to the automotive and aviation industry RECARO knows the latest safety standards and what it takes. Well-known automotive manufacturers trust the know-how of the seat producer RECARO.

  35. I learned that Recaro was the first company worldwide to have adjustable shoulder support! They also introduced head supports that same year-1968.

  36. This company mkaes seats of all kinds, from car seats, to airplane sates, to race car seats- crazy! The seats look super comfy and safe too 🙂

  37. I learned that RECARO company began in 1906 in Stuttgart, as the 32-year old saddler master Wilhelm Reutter founded the company “Reutter, Wilhelm, Saddler
    thanks for the chance to win [email protected] I would love this for my son

  38. Recaro makes seats for motor sports…if it is trusted there, I know it is safe enough for my child!

  39. I learned that they are committed to fulfill relevant environmental laws and regulations and endorse sustainable mobility.
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  40. I learned that RECARO has over 100 yrs of experience in the development & production of seats for premium automobiles, race car seats and first class airline seats. This knowledge is applied when designing and producing their infant & toddler car seats.

  41. The success story of the present RECARO company began in 1906 in Stuttgart, as the 32-year old master saddler Wilhelm Reutter founded the company “Reutter, Wilhelm, Saddler. Spezialitat: Luxus- und Motorwagen, englische Geschirre” (Specialities: Luxury and Motor Vehicles, English Ware).

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