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The act of fishing may date back centuries, but although there have been new inventions and tools along the way, there's just not a whole lot of innovation.  Very rarely does something come along that really embraces modern technology in the world of fishing, so I was completely excited when I first heard about FishEyes Fishing Rod & Reel and knew it was the perfect Father’s Day pick for the dad that has everything. 

11446495-fisheyes-rod-reel-with-underwater-video-camera With the debut of the FishEyes Rod & Reel Underwater Camera, the folks at Nextsport have taken what used to be a passive sport and made it a whole lot more interactive.  Their newest innovation is the first underwater fishing camera that allows you to watch your hook, bait basket, and the surrounding areas in real time. Yes, a fishing pole with a CAMERA!

The FishEyes pole features a waterproof video camera that is located at the end of the fishing line, just above where your bait goes that gives you a good view of the bait basket or hook while fishing.  This camera is connected to the fishing rod with a long cable which transmits live footage via the full color LCD screen on the fishing rod. 

Not only does this allow you to see what is happening below the water and help guide where you place your line, this interactive nature makes fishing leagues more exciting.  Never again will you wonder whether the fish are out where you are or what the surrounding conditions are that you are fishing in, because you will be able to watch the action as it happens below the water. 

Fisheyes Fishing Pole While I was excited about the FishEyes Rod & Reel just off the description alone, I have seen a lot of chintzy cameras in my day and I honestly was not expecting much from the underwater camera on the FishEyes.  I was sure that poor camera quality would be amplified since we tend to fish from docks {which then are surrounded by seaweed and plant life}, but I still thought it would be a fun novelty even if I was able to make out a shadow or two underwater. 

Upon dropping the camera line into the water, I realized that this was going to be much more fun than a novelty item.  Even though we were dock fishing and the water was a bit murky, the camera images were quite good, and much brighter than we expected.  In fact, we ended up spending a good amount of time just moving the camera around exploring under the docks since we could see so well, which was fun for even the non-fishing group. 

This of course proves the point that the FishEyes Rod & Reel Underwater Camera really isn’t just for serious fishermen.  It is also perfect for those who:
1) Don't like the laid back nature of fishing but would still like to tell their own “fish stories”
2) Have a love for gadgets of all kinds
3) Have small kids they take fishing and want to teach them about what happens deep in the water while they wait

While I personally enjoy laying back, enjoying the scenery and letting my mind drift off while fishing, I still fall in category #2 and #3… and my wife happens to fall in all three.  But really, I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t intrigued by the idea of seeing what’s going on under the water, which was confirmed by all the friends I made down at the lake who wanted to see the FishEyes in action.  Let me tell you, I felt very popular.

FishEyes Rod Reel
Since the FishEyes is so popular, I love that it is compact enough that I can easily keep it in the trunk, the bottom of the stroller, and even carry easily as it has a great balanced grip to carry it with.  This makes it easy to take hiking, throw in the car and take with us during our weekends out, or take it on vacation with us without having to completely reorganize the car.

Another thing I love is that the Fish Eyes Rod & Reel also comes with a bait basket which is perfect if you want to see fish come over by the camera without worrying about having to catch and release them.  Besides being fun for kiddos, this is also a good way to be able to see what bait really works.  In this way I really like it as a companion rod to my normal fishing pole.  Since the FishEyes rigging is attached to the camera with breakaway connectors to protect it from damage, I wouldn’t want to catch too big of a fish on it.  But, by using the FishEyes and my standard pole together, I can really increase my chances by bypassing a lot of the normal fishing guesswork. 

If you are buying for someone who loves fishing, someone who wants to love fishing but doesn’t like the “waiting”, or someone that just loves gadgets and the great outdoors, the FishEyes Rod & Reel is the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Check out this FishEyes video to see it in action:

Find out more at or visit

Tyler A big thank you to Nextsport Inc for sending their new FishEyes to be reviewed.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

5 thoughts on “FishEyes Rod & Reel Underwater Camera”

  1. I really like the idea of the FishEyes because I’m out in the boat fishing all the time and I’ve always wondered what could be swimming about below me. With this I can just lower the camera into the water and find out.

  2. Gone fishin with the kids yet this summer? What are you waiting for? Say you don’t really have a great rod and reel for the little ones to use? No excuses here’s the FishEyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Video Camera.

  3. Where can I buy one? The link to Amazon says they are currently unavailable and don’t know when they will be available again. Calls to Fuzion result in all mailboxes being full and no human answering the phone. Is this company still in business?

  4. Where can I buy one? The link to Amazon says they are currently unavailable and don’t know when they will be available again. Calls to Fuzion result in all mailboxes being full and no human answering the phone. Is this company still in business?


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