Kelty Big Dipper Junior Sleeping Bag “Grows” With Your Child

Get Out and PLAY – Day 14

LogoGradient Getting our kids excited about the great outdoors is something that is a huge priority for us.  Surrounded by mountains, ocean, and miles of forests to explore, enjoying nature is just a way of life here in the Pacific Northwest.  However, loving the great outdoors isn’t easy if you’ve got the wrong gear, so I love that Kelty, the makers of some of the best outdoor gear around, also has a great kid’s line. 

It has been a mission of mine to make sure that my children always have the correct gear so they stay comfortable, safe, and happy no matter what the weather, so I was really thrilled to see that Kelty makes the same high quality gear they are known for just pared down to child size.  Instead of cartoon characters and other unnecessary baubles, their kids’ line looks like real outdoor gear because it is real outdoor gear. 

472 We got to test out the Kelty Big Dipper 30 Junior Sleeping Bag these past few weeks and saw firsthand all the really cool features that make this bag special.  From pockets, pouches, lining and more, this is certainly a bag that can accommodate your growing child and their growing needs. 

But, your child isn’t the only thing that’s going to be doing some growing; the Big Dipper Sleeping Bag also “grows” right along with your little one.  Kelty understands that we don’t want to pay good money for a sleeping bag that our child is going to grow out of in mere months, which is why they designed a sleeping bag that literally expands right along with your child. 

The Big Dipper “grows” by way of a zippered section at the bottom of the bag which allows you to extend the sleeping bag by a whole 12” whenever you would like with one simple zip.  This zippered extension allows you to keep the bag small for when your child is little, giving them a cozier sized bag with more warmth in the foot area and giving you a much smaller footprint in your family tent.  Instead of wasting money on a toddler bag, and then a child size, this means I can use the same sleeping bag for my little one all the way from pre-K until they are tall enough for an adult bag!

473 While this child sized bag may be pint sized, but it is certainly not light on features.  Weighing 3 pounds 9 oz, it is easy enough for little ones to carry on their own in the included {attached} stuff sack but still will keep them toasty warm no matter where your travels take you.  With a soft interior that is cozy and warm as well as a good fluffy fill that adds extra padding and cushioning for when you’re really roughing it, your kids are sure to appreciate the added comfort and protection from the elements. 

While you could absolutely use the Big Dipper Sleeping Bag for sleepovers and camp, it is also designed to be used by your most daring explorer as well.  Whether you trek across tundra or simply car camp, the Big Dipper can accommodate your child’s growing needs as well as their growing bodies.  It comes with grown up features like an elasticized hood, baffled zippers with anti-catch fabric, and a stuff pouch on the underside of the hood that allows you to turn a fluffy coat into a comfy pillow, something I really appreciate as it means one less pillow to pack.     

6a0105362badb1970b01538dda46a8970b-200wi Knowing that your kids have the right gear makes you more likely to get out as a family and create all sorts of great memories.  Whether it’s hiking together, climbing, or traveling as a family, Kelty will make sure that your whole family can truly enjoy the experience.  Kelty gear can help give your children an appreciation of nature long before they are able to walk and keep them begging to get outdoors well into their teens.  With cleverly designed gear that can last for years and even through several children, the Kelty brand is perfect for outfitting your entire family.   

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Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Kelty who sent the sleeping bag for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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  1. Depending on what kind of use your child is going to get out of the bag, choose one according to that. If your child is only going to use it only indoors, or in warm temperatures, then what you are looking for is a slumber bag, which focuses more on comfort rather than temperature.


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