Splash Bombs Water Toys {Review}

Get Out And PLAY Event – Day 15

My family is completely unable to get in a pool without it becoming some sort of game.  How many times can we toss the ball back and forth before it falls in the water?  Anyone down for a noodle race? Wanna play pool football?  

Because of our immense love for pool games and our wide range of ages that all want to get in on the fun, we are always on the lookout for new water toys that can entertain the whole family all summer long.  Prime Time Toys came to our rescue this year with the release of a full line of toys that expands on their awesome Splash Bombs line and make a simple game of toss a whole lot more fun. 51dcNJLFTML._SL500_AA300_

With offerings such as Splash Disc, Splash Pets, Splash Golf Set, Splash Sword, and Splash Bomb Combo Packs, they offer the perfect way to cool off this summer – whether you are playing in the pool or just in your backyard.  Like the original Splash Bombs, this new line is soft and squeezable which makes them safer for shared pools and smaller kids.  But, the best thing about them is that they can hold up to 10 times their weight in water when placed in a pool.  This water is released in a mist or a full-on deluge when caught or squeezed, which makes them a fun twist on the beach ball or typical pool toys.

319OM9JwhlL._SL500_AA300_ We were lucky enough to receive some samples of the Splash Disc and Splash Golf this past spring just in time for the first pool party of the year and everyone loved them.  In fact, they might have been the toys of the  event, the one the kids were lining up to play and that kept them entertained for hours upon hours in the pool and backyard. 

The Splash Disc is great for Frisbee fans that want a water-friendly version that doesn’t constantly need to be chased down out of the pool. This made it perfect for our rousing game of catch that all the husbands instigated and great for the little ones because it was easy enough for them to throw and incredibly fun to catch when it's full of water. 

But, for the kids, the real hit was the Splash Golf set that came with a few different pieces making it fun for a group to play together cooperatively or competitively.  Whether you use the pieces all together as intended or you make up your own game – splash bomb golf, water bag toss, pirates and more, the possibilities are limitless if you add a little imagination.

414xt1cfrCL._SL500_AA300_ Besides being really cool in the pool, what’s really neat about all of the Splash sets is that they are great even if you aren’t actually in the water.  On a hot summer day, you can easily dip the toys in cool water and then just play toss, golf, and more in your backyard, enjoying a great mist each time you catch a disc or ball in the air… and helping water the lawn at the same time!   

To buy:  You can find Prime Time Toys Splash line on Amazon.com, Target.com and at numerous local retailers.  The Splash Disc retails for $9.99 and Splash Golf retails for $16.99, which includes a floating brightly colored target, 3 balls and a golf club.

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Prime Time Toys for sending a few Splash Toys to enjoy this spring.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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