Whiten your Teeth in 15 days with Whitening Lightning

I resolve to… take some time for me

It’s that time of year again, when the whole year is full of promise and everyone is thinking of accomplishing great things.  Should I run that 5k?  Should I learn German?  Maybe, but something I can start today is taking a little bit of time for myself.  I’m going to start with getting a haircut more frequently than bi-yearly, and focusing on doing things that make me feel good about myself {you know, things other than mothering}. 

One thing that has been on my list of to-dos from before I had children is whitening my teeth, and has only gotten worse as my need for coffee has increased with sleep deprivation.  I had thought that whitening my teeth would need to be done at a dentist’s office and was expecting to spend thousands of dollars getting it done, but was really surprised when my dentist recommended doing an over-the-counter solution first. 

15567574_cc5o This led me to try a few drugstore methods and although some of them showed minute improvements, they were all messy and hard to use because they required 15-30 minutes a day {or more!} wearing whitening trays.  When I found Whitening Lightning, I was really excited because it didn’t require trays and worked while I slept, which is the only time I {remotely} have to myself. 

The first night of the trial, I brushed my teeth like normal, and then I merely dried them off with a tissue and painted the Whitening Lightning gel on all visible teeth.  I smiled like a goof for a minute or two while the gel dried, and then I went to bed to let it work while I slept.  Pretty easy, right?

The gel had a little bit of a taste when I used it, but not near as bad as other methods of teeth whitening I had tried previously.  While it wasn’t tasteless as the package claimed, it wasn’t horrible and I was able to forget I had it on after a while.  Since it doesn’t include flexible trays or strips, which are messy and make it impossible to talk or to sleep while using them, I found it a whole lot easier to commit to using it each evening.

I read in the Super Booster Whitening Pen package that I would be able to see a noticeable difference right away, so I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t wake up the first morning with pearly whites.  But, I decided to run through the entire 15 days recommended in the instructions and see what the results were at the end.  When I was halfway through the trial, I thought I noticed a bit of difference but wasn’t 100% sure until I looked back at the pictures I had taken the first day and saw how much whiter my teeth really were.  

Before Whitening Lightening Mid Trial 
The improvement was apparent at just a glance and it made me think that it would be really cool if Whitening Lightning came with a handy tooth shade chart so you could mark where you started and then chart your progress along the way.  I think I would have been a lot more motivated to use it had I been able to see a marked improvement each morning instead of having to take my own pictures to see where I started.


Day 13 But the best part is that by the time I finished the 15 day trial, the results were really noticeable and I didn’t need a camera to tell me.  I feel a lot more comfortable now smiling and showing off my newly whitened teeth and no more photoshopping pearly whites in all my pictures! 

Aside from it actually working and whitening my teeth in 15 days while I slept {the end result below}, I love that Whitening Lightning is incredibly easy to use, easy to store, and easy to forget all about trays, strips, and hassle of teeth whitening.  One thing I was particularly concerned about is tooth sensitivity, since there is nothing worse than oral pain and, to me, it certainly isn’t worth it for a cosmetic procedure like teeth whitening. 


End Result I am happy to report that my teeth weren’t incredibly sensitive like I expected during the trial.  Whereas other whitening systems left my teeth feeling raw and sensitive for days, the Whitening Lightening was different in that I could feel that it was on my teeth after I applied it each night, but that sensitivity went away quickly.  The best part is that they weren’t overly sensitive the next day or throughout the trial.  In fact, I could have hot, cold, and even frozen foods and liquids without any pain at all, something I was really happy with.  

Don't take it from me, you can clearly see from the pictures that the trial worked well {but please ignore the completely goofy grins, it's hard to not look like you're in pain when you're trying to show ALL of your teeth at once}.  Goofiness aside, you can easily see that Whitening Lightning has finally taken teeth whitening off my to-do list.  If you’re like me and are really busy, this is a little something you can do for yourself that only takes a minute but makes you feel confident and gorgeous all day long!

Find out more at the Whitening Lightning site http://www.whiteninglightning.com/Home_Page.html

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jamie e. said…  I learned that not only does it "whiten" your teeth but it kills plaque & bacteria…

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  7. I would love some whiter teeth just by painting some gel on them. Excellent blog anyway, I am going to have to stop by more frequently.

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