Dirt Devils are Red, Violets are Blue…

…if you're still looking for something for hubby, I think this will do!

What comes in a shiny red package that is all ready for the day of love?  Why Dirt Devil, naturally.  Since most of us are thinking practical this year, it makes sense to get your honey something that can be used all year long.  That something is the full line of cleaning tools from Dirt Devil that all have their signature red color, sleek design, and affordable price points. 

31UCbDzIOwL__SL500_AA300_ One thing that is top of my honey’s wishlist is the Dirt Devil Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer.  Since winter left Seattle damp and cold, there has been a huge amount of sludge that has accumulated since we rented a pressure washer last spring.  Determined to save money this year and keep up our home, we decided that instead of paying to rent, we would invest in the tools that allow us to better maintain our yard, patios and outdoor areas. 

Investing in a good power washer would allow us to keep up on cleaning on a regular basis and give us more freedom to get projects done on our schedule.  Now instead of having to pay a bunch of money to rent a pressure washer and spend a whole weekend cleaning hoping we don’t forget something, we can now quickly and easily pressure wash whenever we feel like it without it becoming a day-long project that can easily be ruined by rain.   This was something I was really excited about because our house and outdoor areas only need a deep clean once or twice a year, but it’s always nice to do maintenance cleans throughout the year to keep things looking tidy. 

Pressure Washer w Attachments But, like most homeowners, we don’t need a huge gas pressure washer taking up half of our garage, so we set our sights on a smaller and more economical electric pressure washer that was powerful but not industrial.  When I found out that Dirt Devil made a whole line of PressureFlex power washers that are perfect for residential use and backed by the Dirt Devil name, I knew it was the perfect solution for us. 

Featuring varying sprays, easy-to-use attachments, and an on-board detergent applicator, the 1600 PSI Pressure Washer from Dirt Devil lets you conquer even the toughest cleaning projects while still remaining completely portable.  Even though the Dirt Devil PressureFlex 1600 Pressure Washer is only slightly bigger than a hiking pack, it was more than powerful enough to clean the green buildup off our driveway and front porch.  And, since it is electric, it was much quieter than other units we have rented, but had all sorts of features that made it perfect for our applications.

Attachments on Board With an adjustable nozzle to vary the flow and size of the spray, you can go from dried on gunk removal to light furniture cleaning easily.  From the siding and decorative rockery on our house to outdoor furniture and play things, the adjustable flow allowed us to tackle each job easily and left it looking brand new without peeling off paint or damaging softer woods and structures. 

Not only is a Dirt Devil Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer ideal for patios, porches and decks, it is also perfect for portable jobs where weight and size are issues.  Another thing I love is that the Dirt Devil Pressure Flex 1600 comes with a detergent tank that you can fill with your favorite cleanser and actually clean outdoor spaces and rugs thoroughly each season.  Why pay money for rentals or call the professionals when you can get a deep clean on your own and keep your house looking great year-round?  

Before DuringDirt Devil 1600 PSI Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer Product Features:
• 12-AMP motor
• 19' high pressure hose
• Adjustable stream-to-fan spray nozzle
• Aluminum pump with auto stop system
• Turbo spray nozzle
• Gun with safety catch
• Quick connect spray wand with trigger lock
• On-board accessory storage
• 30' power chord with GFCI protection

Even if power washers aren’t on your honey’s list, Dirt Devil has a full line of signature red appliances to make cleaning more enjoyable that are perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day.  From uprights, hand vacs and stick vacuums to canister vacs and carpet shampooers, Dirt Devil offers professional level cleaning with great price points for any household.

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Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to Dirt Devil for sending a sample to review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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  1. I just bought the Dirty Devil power washer but the instructions were not helpful. there were no instructions on where to connect the detergent tank so I figured out a way but it just dribbled out. Would appreciate any posting on how that connects.

  2. Thanks for the useful information about Dirt devils pressure washers. The pressure washer is an useful equipment for the gardening purposes. It is an outdoor cleaning equipment and transportation vehicle cleaning equipment.


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