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One of the most difficult challenges in any woman’s life is finding a good bra.  If this isn’t the case for you, I envy your ability to fit into those predetermined sizes.  Although bras for any purpose can be impossible to find, a nursing bra is even more so because there is so much that goes into finding one that works for you. 

Besides needing comfort for day and night, support for different circumstances, and the right size (cup, band around and straps over the shoulder) you also need the functionality of removing one side to fulfill one of your child’s basic needs on demand.  It’s ridiculous when you really sit down hand think of all the factors coming into play, and it’s really no wonder that most mother’s dread nursing bra shopping.

Logo With two Rave and Review writers currently in the market for nursing gear, I’m sure you can imagine the excitement here at Rave Central when we found a company that seemed to address every need each of us had: day and night comfort, tenderness, and ease of use, all while being reasonably cute. 

That company is Bravado! Designs, which started with a single bra and two nursing moms and now has transformed to a full line offering stylish, comfortable and quality maternity and nursing bras and tanks for every mom.  Here are two mom's tales of finding the perfect nursing bra

Katie Signature I got to try out the award-winning, “mom and celebrity favorite” from Bravado: the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  While my hopes for this bra were huge, the Body Silk did not disappoint. 

For me, I crave support.  This has been even more evident as I have gone through my first pregnancy and my chest has been constantly changing; literally every month has been different.  Even worse is that my chest now is uncomfortable at all times and a wired bra for support while having a sensitive chest is not something that I found that appealing. 

BSS-Ivory-170x200 I was determined to find support and comfort for my nighttime wear, during pregnancy and then once baby arrived.  To find even one bra that fit the bill, I had tried several options from a major chain maternity store (I bought all but one style available in the shop in my size) and had not found any possible to sleep in, let alone one that was 100% comfortable during the day.

I was so pleasantly surprised when my Bravado Designs Silk Seamless arrived and I comfortably wore it the first night.  This bra truly does mold your own unique shape and size.  Most importantly, this bra was supporting me, all of the new me, without causing any additional discomfort.  Shock and awe!  And eternal gratitude to the two women, and all the new additions to their company that had made this possible!

BSS-Foam-170x200 This Body Silk Seamless design features a molded removable foam cup that gives you the option for more or less coverage to hide nursing pads and nipples.  There are 4 different closure lengths at the back and adjustable straps that allow for different adjustments, so the bra can change to fit you as you are constantly changing – from pregnancy all the way through established nursing.   While I might not wear the Body Silk Nursing Bra out for a date with hubby or for girls night out, wearing it to run errands, around the house, and even to work was just fine.  

I have to admit that when I read the “celebrity favorite” claim, I was a little nervous to click on the link and figure out what kind of a budget I was going to have to build to fund my new need for nursing bras.  Honestly, I don’t make the same kind of money as Jennifer Garner… I wish!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these bras are reasonably priced, as well as incredibly comfortable. 

Seriously, the price for the Bravado Designs Body Silk Nursing Bra is not much more than those horribly uncomfortable, non-functioning options I had tried out from the chain store.  While I wouldn’t want to broadcast this too loud, but I would actually pay way more for the bra now that I know how perfect it truly is!  Really, when it comes to bras (whether for nursing or not), a good bra is priceless!  Now that I know the quality and comfort that I can expect from Bravado! Designs, I am excited to replace those unfortunate initial nursing bra purchases with other Bravado! options.  

Leanne Signature 2 I got to try out the Bliss Nursing Bra from Bravado and 100% feel that it lives up to its name.  Like Katie, I also had bought out all of my size nursing bras from the chain stores in my area and had amassed a small collection of ill-fitting and uncomfortable undergarments throughout the nursing of both of my children.  Because I still have months and months (and months…) left of nursing my youngest, I decided I would finally go on the hunt for some truly comfortable nursing bras this time around. 

Bliss-Black-170x200 That search led me to find the PTPA winning Bravado's line of nursing wear and after trying them out, realized I could have saved hundreds of dollars had I shopped here the first time around.  While I initially was worried because you can’t try on the bras when you buy them online, I found that by following their easy measurement guide, the end result is a bra that fits me better than my entire bra collection – nursing or otherwise.

The Bliss Nursing Bra features seamless foam cups that hide even the bulkiest breast pad, flexible shapers under each cup (no wires!), and cute little details that remind me that I’m not a grandma yet.  While all of this sounds pretty awesome, what is truly rave-tastic about the Bliss is the gentle stretch of the cups that give great support and shape while offering the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. 

Of course, I wouldn’t be raving about the Bliss if it wasn’t incredibly easy to nurse in.  With cups that drop down and away from your body to give babe the best access as well as one hand opening and closing, the Bliss is truly awesome for daily use.  

 Why you should tell all your friends about Bravado Designs:  They really do have everything for everyone, as well as all of those size options you can’t always find in stores.  After trying out the Body Silk and the Bliss, all of us at Rave and Review are huge fans and will never shop at the department stores for nursing bras again!

PTPA new badge To find out more, visit Bravado Designs at  You can also follow Bravado Designs on Twitter or "like" Bravado Designs on Facebook to keep up to date on all their promotions, new releases, and news!

A big {huge} thank you to Bravado! Designs for sending samples for review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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