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Mskgzsd-standoutskirtdress_daf_1 How many of you are already dreaming of beaches, vacations and sun, sun, sun?  With half of the country facing a huge record-breaking snow storm, I’m sure just about all of you are.  Yep, it's that time.  Time to plan a vacation somewhere warm.  With a beach, please. 

If you’re thinking beach and starting to plan a vacation somewhere sunny, then you’re probably dismayed at the shelves of our local malls that are filled with extra thick sweaters and parkas.  Luckily Fresh Produce Clothing carries clothing for all seasons and is a great place to start looking to find travel fashion.

Beach_Haven_Pacific_Cliff_Tank_Dress Whether you are looking for casual clothing or something that can go from day to night, Fresh Produce Clothes has you covered.  I absolutely fell in love with their Standout Gauze Skirt with the 2-in-1 design and the fact that it is not only great for beach resortwear, but also for an evening out dancing.

I got to check out the Beach Haven Pacific Cliff Tank Dress in South Beach Blue and Shorefront Cardigan in White and really loved the versatility of both pieces.  They could easily go from day to night as well as throughout a mild spring and summer, which makes them perfect for travel when the weather can be unpredictable. 

Shorefront cardigan The Beach Haven Pacific Cliff Tank Dress is made of 100% cotton with a raw edge finish at the hem.  It is a heavier fabric than I was expecting, and much higher quality than I anticipated.  It drapes nicely and doesn’t look frumpy when you are wearing it so you will feel comfortable no matter where you end up on your travels.  My favorite part is that the dress also hides wrinkles really well, which is awesome if you pack like I do. 

The sheer Shorefront Cardigan is one of those pieces that Fresh Produce Dress is silly not to throw in your luggage.  It is incredibly lightweight and packs to almost nothing, which means you can have lots of room for souvenirs and accessories on your trip.  In fact, I am going to throw it in my purse on my next trip so I can have a good tank top coverup if I end up at a fancy event or get chilly during the day. 

Fresh Produce Clothing is a brand sold in over 400 specialty retailers as well as 38 Fresh Produce stores nationwide.  Their clothes are fun, and full of sun-drenched color, which makes them perfect for year-round wearing. With cardigan

To learn more about Fresh Produce Clothing visit their site and check out all their new styles.  You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook as well as check out the Fresh Produce blog

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Fresh Produce for providing the sample for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review

12 thoughts on “Fresh Produce Clothing Review”

  1. I’ve seen alot of mentions of Fresh Produce–their clothes look nice…The thing that really caught my eye in your review was that they carry clothing for all seasons! Shopping for clothes in the fall and winter can be problematic when you live in Texas. Even the parts of Texas that get cool/cold weather also get some warm days during the fall/winter. Now I only wish you were doing a giveaway for Fresh Produce! 😉

  2. I am a past Fresh Produce clothing lover. However, I just purchased a few items on-line, only to find that the fit, fabric and overall quality has severely gone downhill. I later have found out that the business has been bought out by the Chinese. So, if you’re looking for the quality you have been used to, you’ll be disappointed.

    • I just purchased a few pieces and the quality is so poor. This was a favorite brand of mine, frequently purchased in Florida and in resort areas on vacation. I bought it for my small children, my tweens, my teens and for me. It was great, thick cotton with vibrant colors. The items I just received are thin cotton and not very soft. They are more like what you would find from a street vendor than a brand of quality. Disappointing.

  3. Returns are a nightmare.
    Package enclosure said to go to sopprt @
    On website click returns and you only get the policy . Call the number and wait ti leave a message that they say will be returned tomorrow. Shane on you Fresh produce for making returns so difficult. You lost my business.


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