Conscious Items – gifts for spiritual souls

In the past decade, we’ve become the experts on all things related to crystals. So, we’ve researched and sought out everything from crystal shops to rock shows and traveled everywhere from holistic shops to big box retailers that dabble in crystals. Conscious Items is our new favorite find, not just for their amazing products, but also for the ways they give back.

Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance

Mindfulness Inquiry

A big thank you to Manjeet for inviting me to the Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Moms with Infinite Balance this past week. All opinions are 100% mine… well, and my sister’s. I can’t tell you how many friends and acquaintances have come up and recommended Infinite Balance Life Coaching with Manjeet to me. Up until last week, I thought maybe I … Read more

Comcast delivers on their promise to Washington 

Goodwill Digital Classroom from Comcast

We hear a lot of promises these days. Promises that this lotion will make you slimmer or that company will provide you with the very best argyle socks on the market. But, how refreshing is it when a company actually makes good on their promises?  Comcast is doing just that for Washington State, and I couldn’t be happier to share their newest partnership.

Celebrating the 18th Annual Comcast Cares Day

Comcast Cares Day volunteers

On May 4, we volunteered with more than 3,000 volunteers to make change happen at part of the 18th annual Comcast Cares Day here in Washington. Each year Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families, friends and community partners get together around the world through Comcast Cares Day to make a difference in their communities.

12+ mostly-free ways to give back and help others in need

Mount Vernon WA hiker

This post isn’t sponsored. We just wanted to share 12+ mostly-free ways to give back We got a chance to visit The Compassion Experience when it visited Washington State in Snohomish, and it was a really awesome experience with the kids. The website said it was a way to experience another world without leaving yours … Read more

Gifts that give back this holiday season from World Vision

Do you want to make a difference this Christmas? Give with the help of World Vision and you will know that your contribution is going towards making a difference where it is needed most. You can buy a goat and chickens, medicines, bed nets, or even clean water by making a simple donation in your … Read more

Supporting Mary’s Place and helping close the digital divide

Mary's Place donation bins

For me, the idea of homelessness isn’t an abstract problem. I’ve known many homeless families throughout the years – All of their stories are different, but each one is just as heartbreaking as the last. So, I love that Comcast is partnering with Mary’s Place in Washington to tackle homelessness and help close the digital divide.

Making The Pledge with Entenmann’s Little Bites

Want a delicious on-the-go treat that your kids will absolutely love? Entenmann’s® Little Bites® muffins are baked soft and moist and then packed in easy to grab on-the-go pouches so they can be enjoyed just about anywhere. They are made with real ingredients, and never contain any high fructose corn syrup, which means parents love … Read more

You can make a difference if you Lift Your Voice

Sponsored post American Girl Melody Lift Your VoiceWhen I think of my biggest wishes for my daughters, at the top of that list is that they always understand that their voices are powerful. Their voices unfortunately have the power to hurt others, but they can have the power to make someone feel loved and special. It’s up to them to use their voices for good. And, just like they can choose whether to use their voices to hurt or to help, their voices also have the ability to make a real difference in the world. American Girl Melody EllisonMelody Ellison™, the newest BeForever™ doll from American Girl, is learning the power of her voice and has arrived just in time for my daughters to really learn from her unique story. Her story is full of life lessons that give us a glimpse back into our past as well as ways to empower our girls to make a difference in the future.

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