Experience the OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds

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Have you tried bone conduction headphones or earbuds yet? Cool, they are definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re like me and cannot wear anything in or over your ears. But, that’s not what this post is about. Today I’m talking about AIR conduction earbuds, which may look similar but are actually very different than bone conduction. However, these little OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds still fit my no in-ear or over-ear headphone requirement.

OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds

How do they compare to bone conduction?

Like bone conduction, the OpenRock Pro open-ear air conduction sport earbuds are not placed in the ear. But, unlike bone conduction that rests on the bone in front of the ear, air conduction earphones simply rest partially over the ear canal and then wrap around the top. This leaves your ears completely unobstructed, and it also means that they don’t rest on the bone. How is this possible, you ask? By conducting the sound through the air. Yes, really.

Basically, it’s the exact opposite of noise-cancelling earbuds. These are noise-allowing earbuds that let you hear ambient noise around you as well as keeping you connected on calls, entertained by movies and podcasts, and fully immersed in your audio books.

OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds

The really cool thing is that air conduction doesn’t have the same tingly feeling that bone conduction can have when you listen to certain tones, which I’m not a fan of. Because it doesn’t rest on your bone, you eliminate any pressure points or the annoying vibration that sometimes happens.

Experience the OpenRock TubeBass™ technology

Some bone conduction headphones lack depth to their sound, so I was pleasantly surprised by how full the TubeBass™ enhancement technology increased the low-frequency resonance of the sound. The enhanced bass makes low frequencies more solid and deep, allowing small musical details and vocals to be bright and clear.

Case in point, I was listening to one of my favorite songs and heard something I had never noticed before, buried deep within the musical arrangement. I had noticed that there was a sort of ethereal sound in the background, but I had no idea that it part of it was a sampling of another one of my favorite songs until I experienced the TubeBass technology.

OpenRock Pro earbuds have dual 16.2mm dynamic drivers, which is 3 times bigger than other air conduction listening devices and they have a distortion rate of less than 1%. OpenRock earbuds minimize sound spillage by using upgraded directional air conduction technology, which is what gives them the full and rich sound. Basically, these outperform all previous air-conduction headphones, and bone conduction sets don’t even come close to comparing.

As a music-obsessed audiophile, it can’t be stressed enough that having a deeper and richer sound really makes the listening experience for me. As much as I loved finding bone conduction headphones years ago that made it possible to listen on the go, I have always hated the sound quality that I had to compromise on. But, not anymore thanks to the OpenRock Pro earbuds that are as good, if not better than traditional in-ear earbuds.

OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds

Earbud upgrade

The other huge bonus is that, as the name implies, the OpenRock Pro open-ear air conduction earbuds are earbuds instead of actual headphones. This makes them much easier to wear in most instances, especially if the traditional band is typically too big for you. I love that with the OpenRock Pro earbuds you don’t have to deal with the band on the back sticking out and making it hard to lean back in chairs or wear when riding in planes, etc.

OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds

It may seem like a small thing, but for someone like me who can’t have pressure in certain spots, having the band on the back made it too easy to bump the headphones and end up hurting my ears. With the OpenRock earbuds, they stay right where I position them, even after hours of wear. For me, this is honestly a game changer.  

I found that wearing them took a little bit of trial and error, but once I got the hang of it {literally and figuratively}, it was far superior to wearing headphones. The OpenRock Pro earbuds have an adjustable silicone ear hook, making for a comfortable and secure fit even for all-day wear.

I was worried that the earbuds would have terrible battery life, but I definitely didn’t need to stress about that detail. The OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds have a 19-hour battery life that extends to 46-hours thanks to their included charging case. Even better? 5-minutes of charging equals 1-hour of play. Yes, really. I love being able to charge them on the go without plugging into a wall, and having a charging case reduces the risk that I’ll pick these up from my nightstand to take with me only to find they are dead.

Who are air conduction earbuds made for?

These solve a problem we’ve all had at one time or another: how can I hear something fully while still being aware of what’s happening around me?

Maybe you’re like me and can’t wear anything in or over your ear. If so, air conduction is a true lifesaver in this increasingly digital age. Air conduction earpods make it so I can watch movies and listen to music while traveling, and help keep my productivity whether I’m home or on the go.

Or maybe you like to run/work out and listen to music, but you still need to be aware of your surroundings. The OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds are the answer for runners, workout enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to stay connected to the world while listening to music. And, as an added bonus, they are IPX5 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a little rain or sweat.

Anyone that needs to multi-task. Because the headphones sit slightly over the ear, it does not block you from hearing ambient noises. This lets you be totally immersed in your music while still being fully aware of your surroundings, such as in an office or anywhere you need to interact with people in person.

People that cannot fit traditional headphones, either over-ear or bone conduction. Having an earbud option for when you need to sit with a headrest or on a plane is so incredibly nice. Never again will I struggle with a band, or have my ears crushed for an entire flight or train ride. These earbuds are so incredibly comfortable without sacrificing quality of music. Truly best of both worlds.

Ready to buy some OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds?

Are you ready for a whole new listening experience? Then, you should check out the OpenRock site and read more about the Pro Air Conduction Earbuds. And, when you’re ready to buy, you can click over to Amazon and click their $10 off coupon as well as our exclusive coupon {Enter claim code 10FUKBJ3 at checkout until 10/19/23} for an additional $10% off the OpenRock Pro air conduction earbuds.

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