Ostinol Insta Joint for bone and joint health

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Talking to my friends this past year, I’ve realized there were three main ways people have handled the pandemic. One is to keep on like normal, not changing much of anything except complying with local orders to bring down numbers. The second is by trying every TikTok food trend, mastering sourdough bread, and binge-watching shows. The third is taking this time to focus on health and wellness by getting into shape. My husband is in the last category, and so am I to a lesser extent, and that’s why I searched for and found Ostinol Insta Joint.

A few months after I started doing Pilates religiously every day, my husband started at a CrossFit “gym” near us. That “gym” is in quotes, because it’s really our good friend’s garage with a bunch of workout equipment given to them from a gym that closed a few years back. But, the lack of regular gym dues aside, they run it like a real gym where they keep track of your workouts and help you perfect your form while doing all the many {crazy} CrossFit exercises. And, he’s hooked.

So, in the past year, we’ve changed a lot health-wise, and it’s mostly for the better. What isn’t so great is the broken bone {me}, the surgery {also me}, and the joint pain {him} that has crept into our lists of aches and pains.

And, that’s where Ostinol comes in.

Ostinol products

Ostinol Insta Joint to help support bone and joint health

Ostinol has over 10 years of clinical success as a natural supplement supporting great bone and joint health. The protein complex that powers the entire Ostinol brand of products belongs to the same class of proteins traditionally used by orthopedic surgeons to regrow bone and cartilage tissue after operations.

My favorite product of theirs, Ostinol Insta Joint, was created to promote a healthy immune response for the ultimate in bone and joint health. Ostinol Insta Joint has been hailed as a breakthrough in cellular nutrition. Traditional joint supplements only provide basic building blocks, while Ostinol Insta Joint takes it steps further.

Ostinol Insta Joint

I was sold after reading how Insta Joint helps repair bones and joints after extreme sports and fitness routines, because CrossFit is about as crazy as it gets. My husband has been dealing with pain in his elbow even before he started intense workouts, so I knew he was going to be thrilled to try Ostinol Insta Joint. He’s only a few weeks in, but I’m happy to report that he’s already noticed a difference and believes in the products.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise though, in clinical studies a whopping 90% of subjects reported improvement by the end of the study. That’s a significant increase in quality of life, and all due to an easy-to-take supplement instead of invasive procedures.

Note: While people with severe joint conditions have reported great response with Ostinol products, please keep in mind that Ostinol is a natural supplement and does not claim to treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Ostinol Insta Joint

What’s in Ostinol Insta Joint?

Ostinol Insta Joint contains a patented key ingredient, Cyplexinol®, that helps support the body’s ability to grow new healthy bone and cartilage tissue. Cyplexinol is a 100% natural protein complex that’s sourced from USDA Certified organic bovine bone. Each batch of Cyplexinol undergoes over 30 individual tests by independent laboratories to ensure it meets and exceeds product specifications for nutritional biochemistry, safety, purity, and stem-cell activation capabilities.

Ostinol Insta Joint

Insta Joint has two key ingredients, Cyplexinol 225 mg, Boswellia serrata extract 150 mg. It’s all natural, safe, and effective, and it is also non-GMO, gluten free, and grain-, corn-, and soy-free. Oh, and it’s also made in the USA.

How to use Ostinol Insta Joint

To try Ostinol Insta Joint, you start with 2 capsules twice a day for 3–5 days. Then decrease to 1–2 capsules, once or twice a day as needed. If you continue extreme workouts, you may want to take 2 capsules twice a day, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using this or any supplement if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication.

Ostinol Insta Joint

Info and where to buy Ostinol products

Ostinol has a whole line of amazing products, including Tricalcidin-3®, a premium blend calcium supplement that we got a chance to try out this month. My doctor recommended that I take calcium after my broken bone, so I’ve been taking this for a few weeks and love it.

Ostinol Insta Joint retails for $135 for a 60-capsule bottle. Most Ostinol brand products range from $45/month to $135/month. And, if you click the link below you can get 30% off each bottle of Ostinol Insta Joint {limit 5} with promo code MM30!

You can buy Ostinol products direct off the Ostinol.com website, where you can see their full line and see what products are the best fit for you. I was also excited to see they were available for purchase at many chiropractors and naturopathic doctors nationwide.

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