Matching Girls Monday: Girl Power

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I don’t care how you feel about the new Vice President politically or otherwise. Growing up, I didn’t know the political affiliations of even half of the Presidents who had previously held office or whether I agreed with their policies on just about anything, but I could tell you they were all men. The same was true for Vice Presidents. Until last Wednesday.

My girls are watching, and I want them to see a mom who is rooting for women. Encouraging them to find string women in power they support, encouraging them to one day be those strong women.

Girl Power

Last Wednesday was something I had looked forward to my whole life. And even though it looked different than I could have ever imagined, just knowing that a woman has finally busted through the glass ceiling of the White House makes me so incredibly happy.

Girl Power
Girl Power

My Matching Girls: Girl Power

To celebrate strong women everywhere, we wore our Girl Power {or rather, GRLPWR} shirts from The Gap, paired with a sweater from Target and workout leggings from Target on our recent hike.

Girl Power

GRLPWR, indeed.

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