Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks

For this post I partnered with Moms Meet and was sent a vitamin pack for free from Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks to review, and then I ordered more vitamins on my own. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Have you ever entered the supplement aisle at a drug store and immediately felt overwhelmed? That’s me every single time I go down it. I know I’m Vitamin D deprived at all times {hello, Washington}, and sometimes I need iron. And, every once in a while, I get prescribed a vitamin for a short amount of time for a super specific situation, like a prenatal. Other than that? It is just a sea of bottles and labels that makes no sense.

But, what if it actually made sense and you could get the vitamins your body needs? That’s exactly what Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks does.

Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks

What are Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks?

Persona is a convenient and easy-to-use system for getting all the nutritional supplements you need. They help you customize your goals and supplements with a science-based assessment that takes into account nearly every aspect of your life.

From your lifestyle, diet, health goals, and even your medications you already take, Persona helps build a doctor-approved supplement recommendation especially for you. Utilizing over 85 high-quality supplements {including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other botanicals}, they come up with a plan for you based on your answers. Basically, they help take the guesswork out of getting the right vitamins and supplements and get you closer to your health goals.

How does Persona Nutrition work?

To start with Persona, you go to their website and take a questionnaire about your health, your current nutritional deficits, and your general wellness, as well as any prescription drugs you currently take. From there, Persona will customize a supplement plan for you based on your responses. Once they give you a list of recommended supplements, you can then add and remove supplements and change your order however you’d like.

A few days later, two boxes will arrive that hold all of your month’s vitamins, separated into morning and night. But, that’s not all. Each day’s vitamins are also separated into easy to carry-with-you wrapped packages that make taking your daily vitamins as effortless as possible. No bottles to figure out dosing, no huge pill container to fill each week. Just easy nutritional supplements.

Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks

You got your VitaminPacks, now what?

The box with your vitamins will also contain a bit about each supplement, what the intended goal is, and how to identify it in your pack. This is especially important if your pack changes day to day so you know whether you took a certain vitamin or not.  

Then, for the next 28 days, you simply tear off the perforated packs and take your daily dose each morning and night. Put them in your purse or pocket, even take them on vacation with you. It’s absolutely easy to get the right amount of nutrients without counting vitamins and supplements or worrying that you’re taking too much or too little.

If you do have any questions, at any time, you can reach out to Persona via their nutritionists and they can explain anything and everything about your pack. I booked an appointment to talk about some of the supplements I was given and was very happy with the level of expertise as well as enjoying learning more about the company. My appointment was really eye-opening for me and I was able to learn a ton in just a short phone call.

Subscription vitamins and supplements, that you can customize at any time  

Let your vitamin regimen auto-renew, or you can change it up at any time. Didn’t like a certain supplement? No problem, just remove it from your next months’ boxes. Want to try something new? No problem, just add it before your order ships. Did a certain prescription medicine change or did something happen health-wise? Just reach out and get a new assessment whenever you want. It really is that easy.

Because Persona wants you to have the best experience possible, they have many different supplements that work in a cycle. This means they may alternate, get less potent, or change slightly depending on the month for various reasons. For those supplements, you will get a notice if you go to remove them from a specific month warning you that the cycle will change. As with every aspect of the system, you’re in control and can change it up whenever you want. If you like everything you’ve been sent, simply let their system automatically send you the next months’ supplements.  

Why you should try Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks

As I explained before, I’ve never been a vitamin person. That doesn’t mean I haven’t *wanted* to be. In fact, I have bottles and bottles of vitamins that I’ve bought because someone recommended and then didn’t end up taking them all. I might have taken them for a few days, or maybe even a week, but then I would stop, not sure if they were for me.

But, having a doctor-approved supplement recommendation changed all that. All of a sudden, I felt confident that I was taking the supplements I should, and it felt different taking them somehow. Honestly, it might have been placebo effect, and I’m fine with that. It made me feel better doing something for myself every morning and night, and overall I just felt better in general.

In fact, I loved it so much and had so much more energy that I kept my packs coming even after my 28 days were up. I’m now over halfway through my second month, and I still love it so much. I loved that I could change my order slightly from the first month to fit my current needs, and I appreciated that I got emails that warned me in enough time so I could go in and modify my order. I definitely plan on doing Persona again, and I never again will go into a vitamin and supplement aisle and feel out of place.

And, another place I’ll never feel out of place again? Doing competitive 5Ks and 12Ks. As a family, we did our first 12K this summer and immediately were hooked. This girl and I started doing at least a 5K each month and trying to beat our time. This was our best time for our first run/walk and now we’ve gotten it down another 10 minutes. I will never do a 5 minute mile or anything close to that, but I’m going to celebrate our wins. Sure, it’s not all because of vitamins and supplements, but it was all little steps that led to bigger steps in the right direction.

Ready to look into Persona Nutrition?

If you are looking to make changes in your health and wellness, I highly recommend the Persona Nutrition VitaminPacks service. You won’t regret taking their assessment and figuring out what they recommend, and you definitely won’t regret making vitamins as easy as tearing open a pack twice a day. It really doesn’t get any easier than that to take charge of your health.

Want another reason to try Persona? You can get 30% off for 2 months by clicking through this link. It’s a great deal and I’m sure you’ll love their supplements!

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