Comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer shoes

A big thank you to Stegmann for sending their shoes to be adored. No monetary compensation was received for this rave review, I just wanted to share our new find in comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer Shoes. 

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable footwear, and never was that more true than as a mom. I’ve been taking care of young kids for over 12 years now, and I cannot imagine having done it in uncomfortable shoes. All the running around after toddlers? All the impromptu sports we make up? All the hikes and long walks? I couldn’t have done it without comfortable shoes.

Until a few weeks ago, there were exactly three brands of shoes you would catch me in. Not only am I extremely picky about comfortable shoes, I also have plantar fasciitis. That limits my options even more, so I always choose comfort over cute. But, I’ve found a new-to-me brand that made me rethink comfort and style.

Comfort and style with Stegmann

Introducing Stegmann, a footwear company defined by comfort. Many of you are laughing because you’ve already loved Stegmann for decades and you cannot believe a 120-year-old company is my new-to-me brand. I hear you, and I’m equal parts elated and embarrassed. Elated that I have a new shoe brand and also embarrassed that it took me so long to find Stegmann clogs.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly find *clogs*, I found Skimmers. Part clog, part shoe, but all-around comfortable. Stegmann took the best parts of their famous wool clogs and made this adorable feminine dress shoe that can go from dresses and slacks to jeans and sweats, all in the same day.

Comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer

Liesl Skimmers: finally a shoe that fits like a slipper

Made with soft and cozy wool with their famous anatomically shaped support sole, these don’t feel like any dress shoe you’ve ever tried before. That’s because they aren’t, and they were designed for comfort at every level – starting with their unique wool lining that makes them comfortable enough to wear without any socks at all.

That’s right, the Liesl shoe is fully lined with soft wool felt for barefoot wear, or you can add thin socks or something fun with flair and style. It also has a padded felt heel collar to prevent slipping and rubbing with all-day wear, which I love. No more nylons, tights, or tugging up annoying no-show socks {don’t even get me started with how much I hate no-show socks}, because you can ditch them all and just go barefoot year-round in Stegmann Skimmers. You’re welcome.

These adorable Liesl Skimmers come in either wool uppers or leather uppers, and I tested them both out over the past few weeks.

Liesl Skimmers in leather

Made with a leather upper with felt lining, the leather Liesl Skimmer just looks like a dress shoe, but it still has lots of comfort built in. Like the Stegmann clog, the Liesl has the same anatomically shaped cork latex midsole, it just has been redesigned with a narrower, more feminine silhouette. It also has a removeable cork/memory foam insole with arch and metatarsal support, which is why you will find it in serious shoe shops where comfort comes first.

Although the leather Liesl fits like a traditional women’s dress shoe in most ways and runs true-to-size, unlike most dress shoes it is built for comfort. The Liesl has a medium width and a bigger toe box for the utmost comfort and will loosen slightly with wear. Order your normal dress shoe size or size up if between sizes.

Comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer

Also unlike dress shoes, the Liesl has a textured rubber outsole so you can be sure footed even while looking adorable. Why spend all day worried you’re going to slip and fall? Traction shouldn’t be something we have to search for, but if you’ve perused the dress shoe aisle recently, you know how hard it is to come by.

Liesl Skimmers in wool felt

Made with wool instead of the leather, the wool felt Liesl is a more laid-back version of the traditional Skimmer. These are perfect for around the house, running errands, and more, because they feel just like slippers.

The wool felt gives them the same relaxed look as the Stegmann clog, only with the feminine feel of the skimmer. Still a more narrower, sleeker look that the clog, but arguably just as comfortable as the clogs that made them famous, the Liesl is my go-to for relaxing and hanging out around home, but it can still keep up on days out of the house.

So, what’s the difference between wool felt and leather Liesl Skimmers?

The basics of the leather and wool felt Liesl is the same, and they both have a removable cork/memory foam insole with arch and metatarsal support that make them seriously comfortable. They also both have the textured outsole to prevent slips, and they both have a padded wool felt heel collar for comfort.

Comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer

The one thing I noticed straight out of the box is that the wool felt Skimmer is a bit wider width than the leather, offering a little more clog-like feel. Really, the only difference is whether you want a more relaxed look and feel to your Skimmer shoe. If you want slipper-shoes, go with the wool felt. If you want a more polished look, the leather will be your best friend.

Comfort and style with Stegmann Liesl Skimmer

Are you ready for comfort AND style with the Stegmann Liesl Skimmer?

Shop at for styles, colors and more. For more information about how Stegmann Liesl Skimmers can help solve your foot woes, check out the Stegmann USA site and see their best shoes for pain relief.

Not sure of your size? Check out the size chart below!

Stegmann Size Chart

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