Meet the hifold: a booster seat that fits in your backpack

A big thank you to mifold for sending their new high backed hifold booster seat for review. No monetary compensation was received for this rave review. RR hifold looking out the windowI’m that mean mom who makes their kids sit in a booster seat until well into middle school. Just kidding, I’m that mom who loves her kids so dearly that I will do anything in my power to keep them safe. And, that means waiting until they have hit the age, height, weight, and maturity required to move into the next level of freedom in the car. 

Too many parents rush into the next car seat like they are unlocking achievement levels, and that’s really the wrong way to look at it. These guidelines for car seats are constantly evolving based on the newest studies and evidence. If anything, the numbers keep getting higher and higher for what age, weight, and height a child has to be in order to move to the next seat, and eventually ride in no seat at all. So, why rush it?  You really, really shouldn’t. See all the booster seat myths below and watch me bust them thanks to the new hifold booster seat we’re loving this winter.RR hifold happy boy

Say hi to the hifold 

With how ultra-convenient the brand-new hifold booster is, you won’t feel the need ditch it before you need to. The hifold is a super adjustable, high-backed booster seat that can fold into the tiniest of spaces. When you don’t need it, you can literally fold it up and stash it in a backpack or bag and you have all of your seats available for adult passengers. When you need to pick your child back up, it’s mere moments and the hifold unfolds into booster seat that can be customized and fitted right to your child.  how to adjust hifold booster

The hifold is the only booster that can be adjusted separately in 4 areas (the seat, body and head widths and height)The patented design ensures a secure fit for optimum safety while also being incredibly lightweight and portable. It’s unique MultiFit™ technology gives it an incredible 243 individual settings, which means it’s always the perfect fit.

Traveling in the near future 

Say goodbye to checking your seat at the gate and hoping it’s not ruined by the time you get to your destination. Then you can say goodbye to being forced to carry on a bulky high back booster seat. The special Multi Fold™ system means that hifold folds down impossibly small for travel and for the family on the go.  hifold booster folded down

Since the hifold is so compact that it can fit in the overhead luggage compartment in the aircraft cabin, it’s as easy as popping it into a carry-on bag and you’re all ready for driving, Lyfting, and Ubering as soon as you get to your destination. 

Who can use the hifold? 

Kids can weigh as little as 33 pounds or as much as 100 pounds and still use the same hifold. They can stand 3’ to a whopping 4’9” tall and still fit securely and comfortably from their knees to their head. The hifold is so easy to customize that you can adjust it to fit whichever child is riding with you, all within seconds. three kids in hifold booster seat

Booster seat myths and how the hifold busts them all

Myth #1: My child is the right weight range, so he doesn’t need a booster anymore. 

False. Your child must meet all requirements before they can go booster-less. They may meet the height and weight requirements, but you must meet the age requirement as well. In addition to all that, you must also assess your little one – you know your child and if they are mature enough to handle the newfound freedom. Children must meet requirements and be mature enough to sit properly at all times before they move from a harnessed car seat into a booster seat and before they can go without a booster. If your child meets the requirements for a booster seat but still needs help staying positioned when sleeping or on long car rides, consider a high back booster. The hifold is the most compact high back booster we’ve ever seen, which is especially nice when traveling. 

Myth #2: My child can go without a booster for short drives. 

False. Yes, I get it. It’s so much more convenient to go without a booster, especially while traveling/riding to grandmas/going to a friend’s birthdayBut, accidents can happen anywhere – on a short drive from the park or neighbor’s house, in a taxi on a trip, and riding with friends. This is where the hifold booster excels because it’s so small and portable that it seems silly to *not* bring it with us, even on short trips and while traveling.  RR hifold in van

Myth #3: My kids will get laughed at if they are still in a booster. 

Very unlikely. I have never seen one of my kids laughed at because of their car seats, and my 11-year old is still sitting in a booster. Most of the moms of my kids’ friends also insist on boosters or 5-point harnesses, and that became very clear at a recent birthday party I hosted where I had to transport a group of kiddos to a hike. Every single mom came up to me kind of embarrassed and said that their child still rode in a booster and wondered how we could make that work since I was picking up kiddos after school. Moms, let’s not be embarrassed that we love our kids. Even if it’s not convenient, it’s our children, and that makes it incredibly important.  RR hifold booster seat alone

Myth #4: Booster seats are terrible to travel with. 

False. This is basically what the hifold booster was made for. It’s so incredibly compact that you can throw it in a backpack, or you can even wear it like a satchel. And, the fact that it is a high back booster is even more amazing that it folds so compactly. Throw one in the trunk just in case you’re transporting friends, put one in a suitcase for travel, or send it in a backpack for school pickup. We taught my son to fold up the seat so he can take it in friends’ cars and when he goes with grandma, and he really enjoys following the instructions on the side and back to get it back into folded position. If he can do it, you can, too. It’s really that easy! RR hifold folded up with kiddo

Myth #5: My child is taller than my best friend/aunt/great grandma and they don’t ride in a booster {insert laughter here}  

False. All of those people listed for humor’s sake have adult bones. In the case of car seats, age isn’t just a number, as it is determined by bone growth. Children’s bones aren’t as strong as adult’s bones, which is why there is an age listed at all. Waiting until the child is the correct age means that their bones are mature enough to withstand crash forces, so this isn’t the one to rush. RR hifold seat alone

Myth #6: My child is too big for a booster. 

False. Even I can still ride in a booster in most cars, and I’m 5’9. Kids must meet all the requirements and pass all tests before they can ride without a booster, which means your child might be extra tall, weigh as much as you, and think they know more than you before they can ride without. That’s okay. If you are really worried your child is too big because you have a compact sedan like we do and there’s not much headroom, in that case, make sure you get a booster like the hifold that doesn’t add height to the child in the car and can be tailored to just about any size or shape. Thanks to its unique MultiFit™ technology, the hifold has an incredible 243 individual settings that combine for the optimum safe and comfortable ride. RR hifold while traveling

Myth #7: The protection zones in the hifold are too thin to protect my child

False. This is one of the innovative elements of the hifold design and engineering. The hifold is made using an advanced, thin, light-weight material for the protective seat pads called EPE {expanded polyethylene} foam, which is more energy absorbent and more elastic than other foams used in traditional booster seats. EPE foam has strong cushioning and shock proofing capabilities even in thinner pads. and its elasticity means that thin pads will not break like traditional brittle foams.

So, basically, the hifold is amazing. It’s impossibly compact, weighs less than the traditional booster seats, is ultra-adjustable, and fits booster seat riding kids of all ages. RR hifold booster seat folded

Ready to buy? Want more information on the hifold or mifold? 

Now that we’ve busted the booster seat myths and told you all about how you need the hifold, the booster seat that fits in your backpack, I’m guessing you want to check one out, right? Find out more about the hifold here and click to buy.hifold adjusted

You’re in luck if you’re ready to buy because you can get $10 off just in time for holiday travel with the hifold! Just use the code HIFOLDSPECIAL10 at the mifold website to get $10 off the amazing hifold compact folding booster seat for travel. hifold instructions

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