Matching outfits for fall

My family puts up with a lot. They still smile in my thousands of pictures I take each month, and they even humor me when I find the smallest patch of land and insist on a photoshoot. Case in point, when no one laughed when I saw this tiny waterfall on the way home from the pumpkin patch and declared that I must stop immediately for pictures. Never mind the fact that this is basically a tiny triangle of land advertising a neighborhood on a very busy road – I saw the beauty in it. Family by waterfall

Plus, we were ALL matching. Yes, I know, matching shouldn’t really be that exciting around here considering that the girls match every single day. But, rarely to I join in. And, even rarer still is the day that the boys decide that they want to match, too. This was one of those rare unicorn days, and I wanted a picture by the waterfall.  kiddo by falls

I like to think that all the passersby that were laughing and waving were really thinking “what an amazing idea!”, but I’m fine even if they were just laughing at us. I have these adorable pictures with a waterfall and documentation that my boys sometimes like to match us. They can laugh all the want – we had fun, we got great pics, and now we have another memory of a crazy time that mama made them pull off in a median and act like they were on an adventure.

Really, when *aren’t* we on an adventure?!Mama and kiddos by waterfall

Matching clothes for the whole family

Wanna know something crazy? We are all wearing Old Navy in these pictures. It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way after the girls got their new sweaters and I got my kinda-matching adult version. Then, the boys saw we were in burgundy and decided to wear their matching button-up shirts they got at Old Navy last winter. It’s all quite adorable, no?

Below is your secret weapon to matching clothing for all ages, genders, and family members. The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and Siblings is one of my all-time favorite posts because it combines some of the things I love the most: these adorable kiddos and matching clothing. 

Matching clothing for kids

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