Back to school with new episodes of Spirit Riding Free

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I’m currently in denial about the fact that we go back to school next week. Just like every year, it feels like somehow the days all went crazy fast once we turned the calendar to August. It seems like it was just days ago that the summer stretched out before us in a sea of vacations, adventures, and lazy weekdays snuggling my kiddos, and now somehow it’s almost September.Pop Secret popcornI’m busy getting ready for the school year, but I’m also soaking up this last little bit of summer with my kiddos by planning some special mommy-and-me time. In addition to beach days, bowling, movie nights, and long bike rides, some of that time will be spent watching the newest season of “Spirit Riding Free” that was just released on August 17th on Netflix.

I have talked about how much my kids love “Spirit Riding Free” in the past, and then again here, but throughout the seasons their love has only grown. It’s one of the few shows that they truly latched onto, and honestly the only kids’ show that we have ever loved so much that we counted down the days until new episodes were released. We’ve only seen one of the new season 6 episodes so far, but I can’t wait to experience the rest of the new season with my little super fans over the next week.Pop Secret Mix Ins

About “Spirit Riding Free”

Have you heard of “Spirit Riding Free” before? The show is set during the 19th century in the small town of Miradero, Texas. Lucky, a 12-year-old girl city girl, has recently relocated to the town and on the way she encounters a wild kiger mustang named Spirit who is the offspring of Spirit and Rain from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Lucky watches as Spirit is caught by wranglers and brought to be “broken” in Miradero.

Lucky gradually bonds with the stallion, as well as two other girls in town, Pru and Abigail, who both own horses. With Spirit, Chica Linda {a palomino}, and Boomerang {a pinto horse}, they embark on everyday adventures across the land. The show is now in season 6 and has developed a huge following among horse-loving kids like mine. You can read more about “Spirit Riding Free” and the many characters that make up the show here.Pop Secret container

Mommy and me bonding, just in time for back to school

Just like in the town of Miradero, it’s the simple joys that make summer with my kiddos so special. This idea of simple pleasures is what gave me the idea for planning these mommy and me dates as we count down to school. Specifically what came to mind was one of our all-time favorite episodes of “Spirit Riding Free” where the town of Miradero, Texas has a fiesta with a horseback riding competition. Thinking about the fiesta with its booths filled with activities, popcorn, and sweets, I decided to use that as an inspiration and came up with the idea of candy mix-ins with Pop Secret popcorn, just like the candy that Abigail won at the fiesta for guessing the correct number of jelly beans.Pop Secret candySo, we took a quick trip to Walmart and got all the Pop Secret popcorn we needed as well as all the mix-ins that would make our movie night even more fun. And, because we were celebrating the end of summer, I also picked up a Lucky doll for even more “Spirit Riding Free” fun. Let me tell you, it was *really* popular.Pop Secret Spirit dollOnce we had everything we needed for our Spirit Riding Free viewing, we set out our candies and then we did our own little candy guessing game while the popcorn popped, just like at the fiesta. Our jar wasn’t quite as big as the one at the fiesta, but the idea was the same – and the kids took it just as seriously as Abigail did. And, they had just as much fun adding the candies to the popcorn containers to mix in the flavors.Pop Secret spreadOnce we had our candies, our popcorn, and were seated and snuggling on the couch, it was showtime. We queued up the newest season of “Spirit Riding Free” and settled in for some fun mommy and me bonding. We had so much fun watching the show and enjoying our Pop Secret mix-ins. I had never tried adding candies directly to my popcorn before, but I am now a big fan, especially of chocolate mix-ins paired with Pop Secret’s great butter taste.

Pop Secret makes for a delicious, high-quality snack that is perfect for celebrating life’s simple joys with friends and family. The Extra Butter flavor Pop Secret made our end-of-summer mommy and me time even more fun, and I know this will be a tradition we continue well after the school year starts.Pop Secret girlYou can also enjoy your last little bit of summer by soaking up mom & daughter time with Pop Secret and “Spirit Riding Free”. You can pick up Pop Secret as well as all your candy mix-ins at Walmart, and you can also find awesome “Spirit Riding Free” toys to add to the fun festivities.

Want more “Spirit Riding Free”? Check out these awesome Spirit-inspired activities for kids that make the newest season even more fun and exciting. You can also check out Dreamworks TV “Spirit Riding Free” YouTube channel for clips and more.

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popcorn and mix in bar for Spirit Riding Free

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