Take your photographs to the next level this holiday season with Lithofy.me lighted frames

Lithofy.me frame lightedSponsored postI bet you think you’ve seen every single thing you can possibly do with a photograph by now, right? We have covered a ton of photography gifts throughout the years because I happen to have an abundance of photographs to utilize and I’m always searching for a unique way to gift them, or at least a unique spin on a traditional photo gift.

Enter Lithofy.me, a company who has made it their goal to take your standard boring photograph and make amazing art out of it. Don’t believe me? Just look at how incredibly cool these lighted gifts are. Lithofy.me nightlightBut, as cool as adding a light feature to a frame or photograph may be, these products aren’t *just* any lighted frame with an opaque image over the top. This is a 2.5D masterpiece that transforms a simple photograph into a piece of lithophane, similar to a white relief sculpture. Without light, these pieces are curious bumpy images that bear resemblances to their original photographic state, but the real magic happens when you add light.Create-Your-2.5D-Personalized-Night-Light_1500x (2)
When switched on, your picture appears to be 3D, revealing the stunning detail of your photograph in a way you’ve never experienced before. While many ways of displaying pictures are stark and impersonal, the Lithofy.me products radiate a warmth that’s hard to put into words. Lithofy.me nightlight side
This is why Lithofy.me is such an amazing gift and something well beyond even a traditional personalized photo product. The result is not just another print, canvas, or photo mug – it is a beautiful and heirloom quality work of art that makes it feel like you’ve somehow frozen time in one single image for all eternity. These are pieces of light art that will be beloved for decades, not something you change out for the seasons. Lithofy.me frame
I love how people get so excited the first time they see our Lithofy.me pieces lit up with its amazing 3D look. Everyone wants to talk about what company makes these magical little pieces, find out how the process works, and ask about ordering some themselves. Lithofy.me flexible light on
Want to make your own personalized light products with Lithofy.me? You will love how easy it is to create unique, one of a kind pieces that are all customized just the way you like them. You simply choose what you would like to create – whether it is a nightlight, a backlit frame, or a flexible light– and then you find your favorite photograph to place on it {this step took me the longest by far} and then you can choose how you would like it customized. Lithofy.me flexible light up closeCheck out the backside of the flexible light. You certainly wouldn’t guess that this is a color light, would you? I still don’t know exactly what magic they use so that the lights appear a simple white color when turned off and then glow with all the colors of the original photograph when lit, but it really is cool to see.
Lithofy.me flexible light back
Some read “made-to-order” and assume the process is going to be long and arduous, but Lithofy.me makes even special orders easy and fast. Once your order is received, your pieces are painstakingly created, then reviewed, and finally shipped out from their headquarters in Singapore where they arrive at your door in protective padding in less time than you would imagine. Lithofy.me flexible light off
Check out Lithofy.me‘s full line of personalized lighted photo gifts for everyone on your list. Surprise them with something they will be talking about for years instead of yet another calendar or collage frame. You can also use R&R20 for 20% off valid until the 31st of December, 2017.

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  1. I have never seen anything like this before. The website is set up perfect by categories. I like that I can find what I’m looking for easily. The FAQs always come in handy, and it’s fun they have a blog. Hopefully, they will keep writing more blog posts.

  2. My grandchildren would love this. Not just needing the comfort of a nightlight but being able to see the security of family on it.


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