Build, learn, and play with Modarri cars

Modarri camo car 2My son has been obsessed with cars since he first learned to grasp. He’s gone through stages with every scale toy or model car at this point, but there are certain cars that stand the test of time and get played with year after year. On that short list are Modarri cars, the DIY toy cars that are made to be mixed and matched. Modarri buildingPart build-it-yourself custom car model, part art to be displayed and enjoyed after building, and still 100% toy that can be played and raced with, the Modarri car line takes everything you thought about boring toy cars and flips it on its head. Modarri cars either come assembled and ready for play or in pieces that you quickly assemble to your liking before the first race.Modarri cars in boxesWhichever way you buy them, they are designed to mix and match to become your own with 11 different interchangeable parts: a chassis, hood and windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, wheels with front and rear suspensions. Each set also includes a hex tool for building and rebuilding to your heart’s desire as well as traffic cones to contain the shenanigans. Modarri setupThese individual pieces can be taken apart and reassembled as well as mixed and matched with other Modarri cars to create even more custom car options. Aside from the endless creativity, I also love that Modarri took the extra step to make it as easy for little builders as possible. One of the ways they did this is by installing keeper washers on the screws that hold the cars together, ensuring you will never lose these important little pieces. Since there aren’t that many pieces to connect and the pieces are all fairly easy to place correctly, the cars are easy to build and rebuild over and over. Modarri boy 2While customizing your ride is a ton of fun, what really sets these cars apart is how you can play with them. Most toy cars have four fixed plastic wheels that don’t allow for turns and twists, so in order to steer them the wheels must slip and move in unnatural ways and you end up rotating the car pretending it steers. With Modarri, the steering works just like a real car with wheels that grip and suspension that allows you to turn, race, jump and more. Modarri piecesAs if that wasn’t cool enough, the way that you steer your Modarri cars makes it even cooler. Just like a real car where the fun happens in the driver seat, Modarri cars are different in the fact that you can steer simply by putting your finger in the driver seat and pushing in the direction you want to go. We all quickly fell in love with this intuitive and easy finger-driven fun that gives you the feel and thrill of “driving” and the suspension mechanics that make them move so fluidly. Modarri steeringIt really won’t surprise anyone that my son loves these cars that can be designed, built, and driven, but what’s really surprising is how much my girls love them. My girls love to swap parts with their brother and play together for hours. This makes me happy because Modarri cars are a great STEM toy that educates through open-ended play, and they really aren’t just for boys. Modarri collectionWith Modarri cars, the fun grows exponentially with each new car model you purchase. One or two cars is fun, but a collection is pretty much epic and there are BILLIONS of different combinations you can make. This gives you more options to build your own custom car, more options for fine tuning your ride, and more friends you can allow to play with you. Modarri camo carOnce you get your Modarri collection going, you’re going to want their new Modarri Collector Case that allows you to store 12 cars, parts, tools and more. The carry handle makes it perfect for taking on the go, and it keeps all of your little pieces in one place so you don’t lose anything. Modarri case 3Since we were previously storing the cars in their individual boxes until it became cumbersome, and then switched to a bag that didn’t provide structure, I could not be more excited about the Modarri Collector Case that keeps all of our Modarri fun in one place and ready for last-minute play. Modarri caseWant to know something else really cool? Satisfaction is guaranteed with Modarri cars. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund from Modarri {you won’t need this, trust me}. But, if a part breaks, they will send you a replacement, free of charge. Modarri case 2Find out more about these amazing Modarri cars by visiting and connect with Modarri on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their YouTube channel. Mo darri case closed

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  1. Oh wow, this post came just in time. I have a nephew who literally has EVERYTHING! But I don’t think he has anything like this. I will definitely have to pick up one of these for the little guy for Christmas!


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