Back to campus with the lightweight and rugged Altitude Backpack from Solo

Sponsored postHave a college student that is heading back to campus this year? If so, you’re going to want to listen up because I think I found the best backpack ever for college living. Hey, even if you’re not buying for college and instead just want a super cool daypack, light hiking pack, or commuter backpack, you’re going to want to remember this bag.

This beauty is the Solo Altitude Backpack from their Black Ops Collection. Solo backpack hangingMade with lightweight and ultra-durable parachute nylon, the Solo Altitude is heavy duty… minus the heavy part. Don’t you hate it when you get a bag you plan to load up with stuff only to find that it’s already heavy and you haven’t added a single item? I’ve been duped many times in the past so when I first saw this bag with its multitude of pockets and metal findings, I had already incorrectly assumed it was too heavy for my needs.

Solo backpack sideBut, then I noticed that it only weighed 2.2lbs, which makes this is one of the lightest bags I’ve found that has any structure at all to it. Since anything designed to carry tablets, laptops, cameras, smartphones and more requires some sort of divided interior and pocket system, I had already resigned myself to the idea of carrying a bag that weighed a ton empty just to fit my needs.  Solo backpack pouchBecause my needs are a TON of pockets, slots, sleeves, and more to keep myself organized. Really, the more pockets it has, the more I love it. And this has more pockets than I could have ever imagined. It has pockets *inside* of pockets!Solo front pocketWhen I found the Solo Altitude I realized it’s absolutely perfect for my days when I’m going to and from school carrying heavy equipment to the co-op all while wrangling kids. I can now easily hold my laptop in the fully padded 17.3″ laptop compartment of the Altitude backpack, pop my tablet into the tablet sleeve, I can put my bulky DSLR in the padded interior, and then I can utilize the pockets for all the accessories and personal items I will need for the entire day out. Solo backpack innerSince we love to travel, I adore that both the bag and backpack straps are padded for all-day carrying comfort, and it even has a spot underneath the padded back where you can slide your luggage handle through while at the airport. Solo Backpack sleeveAt 18.50” x 12.6” x 4.92” it’s not so large that you can’t slide it under an airline seat, but big enough to carry all of your essentials and then some. Solo backpack backAnd, I know it’s not the reason to buy a backpack, but it certainly is nice that I love the way the Altitude looks. Honestly, it would be my first pick off the shelves on looks alone, and then I would notice all the pockets, the roomy interior, the lightweight fabric, and all the organization built right into the bag and it would be no contest which bag would come home with me. Solo backpack fullI especially love the aviator-inspired hardware and the nylon webbing for attaching gear to the outside of the bag on the sides and on the front of the pack. Also cosmetic, but to me a really nice addition is the military-grade Velcro that you can use to attach patches – including the cool New York patch that it comes with. Solo backpack patchThe Altitude backpack from Solo come in three colors: Black, Grey and Navy Blue {as pictured}. You can also find a huge range of all sorts of Solo backpacks for whatever your needs – whether it’s grade school, college, for business, or for recreational use, Solo has you covered.

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