Potluck star: Jalapeño and lime black bean dip

Jalapeno and Lime Bush's Bean dipI hope you enjoy this sponsored post on behalf of Bush’s Beans.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Having a large family living in close proximity is truly amazing. The kids have built-in best friends, I am never lacking for friends to hang out with or to help with kiddos, and when we all get together it’s always a huge party. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But, the first time you cook for that family it can certainly be intimidating. I remember the first time I hosted Christmas in my mid-twenties and my sister casually asked what I was serving. Until that minute I had never even considered the work that went into feeding a family as large as mine, as I was typically only responsible for a dish or two pot-luck style, and I was terrified about feeding everyone on my new home ownership budget. I called my step mom and asked for advice, and I will never forget her response: feed them beans. Bush's Beans in cansWhy beans? Well, for one, they are both filling and inexpensive, which makes them ideal for large families. For another, they have fiber and protein, which makes it a great option for going meatless. For another, they are versatile and you can make all sorts of creative recipes so you never get bored. Need more reasons? Well, they are quick to make so you don’t end up stuck in the kitchen all day, and they are even ideal when family just stops by unexpected since there’s no prep work. Bush's Bean dip on plateAfter that first holiday I hosted all those years ago, I always made sure I had tons of Bush’s Beans on hand and I pick them up every time I run to Walmart. They are now one of our main pantry staples and we have no less than 6 varieties at all times, from pinto to garbanzo to black beans and a whole variety of Bush’s Baked Beans for BBQs and cookouts. I also always keep these awesome Bush’s Best Hummus packs at the ready that only need Bush’s Best Garbanzo Beans to make! Bush's Best Hummus Made EasyThis summer we’re helping three of my four siblings move to houses nearby, which means there’s been a whole lot of family togetherness these days, and no real way to plan ahead for elaborate meals. So, this has quickly become the summer of Bush’s Beans.

We’ve made chili, we’ve had quick BBQs with baked beans, I’ve made Bush’s Best hummus, and I have perfected quick and easy make-ahead sides that can be served cold or made into a full meal, all with their versatile beans. My favorite of the bunch is my jalapeño and lime black bean dip that is a side dish or dip that doubles as an entree. Bush's Bean dip at party

Ready to try my famous Jalapeño & Lime black bean dip?

It’s really easy and is a huge crowd pleaser! Here’s all you need:Bush's Beans ingredientsDice one large onion and cut two or three jalapeños into small chunks, removing the seeds and core {this is where most of the “heat” of the jalapeño is… you can always add some seeds if you would like after you have tasted it}. Be sure and wear gloves or wash your hands really well after handling jalapeños!

Add oil to the pan and add cut onion and jalapeños. Cook for about 9-10 minutes, until soft. While those are cooking, rinse the Bush’s Best Black Beans in a fine strainer. Bush's Beans Rinsing beansAdd about 3/4 of the beans and the cooked onions and jalapeño to blender or food processor. Add salt, lime juice, water, garlic, and cilantro {if desired}. Set aside the remaining 1/4 of beans. Puree until smooth, stirring if necessary. Beans onions and jalapeno in food processorAdd in the remaining 1/4 of beans and stir into mixture. Top with fresh cilantro {if desired} and serve!

Recipe for Jalapeno Lime Bean Dip
The really cool thing about this recipe is that it doubles as a dip or a side, which makes it perfect for potlucks when you don’t know how many will show up and what foods they will bring. And, my favorite part of this recipe is that it can make for some really delicious bean burritos if you happen to have any leftover… Who am I kidding? You won’t have leftovers unless you make a double batch, which is what I always do for this very reason!Bush's Beans BurritoNext time you’re at Walmart, pick up a few cans of Bush’s Beans for your next gathering or party. Even if you don’t have something on your calendar, I highly recommend stocking the pantry in anticipation. No one likes running to the store last minute, and having a variety of beans on hand can make it easy for you to quickly feed a crowd a healthy and delicious meal without breaking the bank. Bush's Beans displayNeed more inspiration? Check out the #MyBestWithBushBeans hashtag and see even more delicious bean recipes!

What’s your favorite go-to large crowd recipe? Be sure and pin this recipe for your next gathering!
Potluck Star Jalapeno and Lime Black Bean Dip

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  1. This looks like a very healthy dip and I love how easy it is to make. I will have to make this for a dip with my chips.

  2. My husband is vegan and I purchase Black Beans by the CASE! He loves everything black beans!! This is a fantastic recipe. I am going to make this for tonight’s movie night. I’m sure it will be a huge hit! Thanks for sharing


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